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    Electric furnace technical information
        Ways and measures to influence the production efficiency of 1T induction melting furnace

            There are many factors affecting the production efficiency of 1T induction melting furnace. For equipment procurement, we must first pay attention to the efficiency problems caused by the 1T induction melting furnace structure. Induction melting furnace, the structure and size of each part of the furnace body, the materials used in the furnace, the structure of the auxiliary equipment, etc., all belong to the furnace structure.
           1. The adoption of new furnace-type heating furnaces is the general development trend, and it is developing towards large-scale, multi-stage, mechanized and automated. The degree of mechanization of the induction melting furnace is getting higher and higher. The rolling mill has been developed from the past push-type continuous heating furnace to various step furnaces, roller hearth furnaces, ring furnaces, chain furnaces and the like. Some shaped blanks have been heated in a chamber furnace in the past, and now they are heated in a ring furnace, and the productivity is greatly improved. The automation of the furnace is the development direction. Due to the automatic adjustment of thermal engineering, a series of thermal parameters such as furnace temperature and furnace pressure can be accurately and timely reflected and effectively controlled, so that the desired heating system can be realized well and the furnace can be improved. Production. The use of electronic computers allows the furnace to be controlled by the computer from the location of the charge, the temperature control of the various sections of the furnace, the control of the fuel and air flow, the automatic control of the furnace pressure, the timing of the discharge of the steel, and the operation of the discharge program. The best control of the furnace conditions is carried out, and the temperature and temperature difference of the discharged steel materials are very accurate.
            2. Renovation of the old furnace type

           Improve the furnace size and size to make it more reasonable. Some furnace types and sizes adopt a universal design, regardless of the specific conditions, such as the size of the billet, and the design has a great difference. These are not conducive to heat exchange, and the furnace type and size should be improved according to practical experience, and the heating of the billet should be accelerated, thereby improving the productivity of the furnace. Reduce the heat loss of the furnace. The heat loss through the furnace and the heat taken away by the cooling water account for 1/4-1/3 of the heat load of the furnace, which not only causes waste of heat energy, but also reduces the temperature of the furnace and affects the heating of the steel. Reducing this loss can increase the output of the furnace. Since the water pipe is in direct contact with the billet, part of the heat taken away by the cooling water is effective heat. Secondly, the black mark is generated in the place where the billet meets the water pipe, which requires a long soaking time to eliminate the black mark, which has an effect on the furnace output. . The use of refractory plastic wrap pipes can increase the furnace productivity by 15%-20%. Recently, the development of a waterless cold rolling heating furnace has also been developed, which also increases the furnace output.

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