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    Aluminum rod induction heating furnace

    Aluminum rod induction heating furnace is used to heat aluminum ingots, and the oxidation loss can be controlled below 0.05-0.5% , while heating with a combustion furnace, the oxidation loss generally reaches 2.5-3.0% , so induction heating furnaces generally do not need gas protection. The main body of the induction is only one sensor. This kind of furnace does not require a complicated piping system like a combustion furnace, and does not need a combustion furnace, such as a thick furnace wall, so it can be compactly organized in the production line, or even combined In other processing machinery.

    Summary of parameters for heating aluminum billets in aluminum rod induction heating furnace

    Aluminum billet size

    Aluminum billet length

    Heating temperature

    Production capacity

    60 × 60mm




    75 × 75mm




    100 × 100mm




    120 × 120mm




    120 × 120mm




    125 × 125mm




    125 × 125mm




    130 × 130mm




    135 × 135mm




    150 × 150mm




    Aluminum rod induction heating furnace application assembly drawing

    What parameters are required for the selection of aluminum rod induction heating furnace ?

    The selection of aluminum rod induction heating furnace generally requires the following parameters:

    First: the shape of the heated aluminum ingot, the outer dimensions, and the weight of the heated workpiece.

    Second: the material of the workpiece to be heated (generally induction heating, only for metal conductor materials).

    Third: the time required for the heating of the heated workpiece to the target temperature, and the target temperature.

    Once the above three points are clear, the bar heating furnace can be selected including matching power.

    What are the characteristics of the aluminum rod induction heating furnace structure?

    1. Furnace structure: The heating furnace of our company is designed as an integral quick-change type. When the furnace body is changed for different heating workpieces, rapid replacement can be realized.

    2. Furnace lining: The furnace lining adopts silicon carbide or integral knotting method, and the service temperature is above 1450℃.

    3. Protection: automatic shutdown when the water temperature exceeds 65℃.

    4. Induction furnace water-cooled track: A water-cooled track is installed on the lining of the induction furnace.

    How to calculate the power supply of aluminum rod induction heating furnace ?

      P=(0.168×200×693)/(0.24×0.6×145)=1029KW where: 0.168—average specific heat of ferrous metal; 2080—workpiece mass (Kg); 200—workpiece heating temperature rise; 0.24— Work-heat equivalent; 0.6—average efficiency (in this example, 0.6, generally 0.5~0.65, and special-shaped sensors are lower, 0.4); 145—working cycle (seconds)

    According to the above calculation, a 1KHz induction heating furnace with a rated power of 1500KW can be configured to meet the needs.

    How to choose and use aluminum rod induction heating furnace ? Mainly to consider from several aspects:

    1. The shape and size of the heated workpiece

      For large workpieces, bars, and solid materials, use bar heating furnaces with relatively high power and low frequency; for small workpieces, tubes, plates, gears, etc., use bar heating furnaces with relatively low power and high frequency.

    2. The depth and area that need to be heated

      The heating depth is deep, the area is large, and the overall heating should be an induction heating furnace with high power and low frequency; the heating depth is shallow, the area is small, and local heating is used, and the induction heating furnace with relatively low power and high frequency should be selected.

    3. Required heating rate

      If the heating speed is fast, an induction heating furnace with relatively large power and relatively high frequency should be used.

    4. Continuous working hours of equipment

      The continuous working time is long, and the induction heating furnace with a slightly larger power is selected .

    5. The connection distance between the sensing component and the equipment

      The connection is long, and even water-cooled cable connection is required. Therefore, an induction heating furnace with a relatively large power should be used.

    6. Process requirements

      Generally speaking, for processes such as quenching and welding, you can select a lower power and a higher frequency; for annealing and tempering processes, select a higher relative power and a lower frequency; red punching, hot forging, smelting, etc., need If the heating effect is good, the power should be larger and the frequency should be lower.

    7. The material of the workpiece

      Among the metal materials, the higher melting point is relatively large, the lower melting point is relatively small; the lower resistivity is higher, and the higher resistivity is lower. 

    Features of aluminum rod induction heating furnace :

    1. The operation panel adopts a color LCD display, a large-size touch screen, a high-definition operation screen, and the operation safety protection system can be operated with peace of mind even for the first time users.

    2. High heating temperature: It depends on the material of the workpiece to be heated and the length of heating time. It can reach any temperature and can heat any metal;

    3. High efficiency and energy saving: the energy conversion rate is higher than 85%, which is twice that of the old-fashioned intermediate frequency induction heating furnace equipment;

    4. Automatic control: the power and time of the heating and heat preservation process can be adjusted, which is conducive to improving the thermal quality and heating repeatability, and it can also work continuously for 24 hours;

    5. High reliability: This machine has a complete protection circuit. When any of the power supply voltage, water pressure, water temperature, load current and other parameters fail to meet the requirements, the machine will automatically stop working;

    6. The aluminum rod induction heating furnace is easy to install: just connect the power supply and water;

    7. Aluminum rod induction heating furnace is small in size, safe and convenient to operate.

    The price of aluminum rod induction heating furnace: the price of
    aluminum rod induction heating furnace is about 10,000 yuan per unit, and the expensive one is tens of thousands of yuan. The price of aluminum rod induction heating furnace is affected by many aspects, such as brand, category, specification, market, etc. Before choosing to buy, it is necessary to understand and compare in many aspects.

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