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    Steel plate forging heating furnace


    The steel plate forging heating furnace adopts high-efficiency combined resonance technology, low-inductance circuit arrangement, large-scale digital circuit, and comprehensive and mature protection technology. The steel plate forging heating furnace is mainly used for the heating of metal materials before forging, extrusion, hot rolling, and shearing, as well as the overall heat treatment of metal materials such as quenching and tempering, annealing, and tempering.

    Outstanding advantages of steel plate forging heating furnace:

    1. Intermediate frequency voltage double-voltage output, the output tank circuit is wide and the copper row is small gap design, reducing the power loss of the line, saving up to 10%-15%

    2. The furnace body of the steel plate forging heating furnace adopts double insulation treatment, and the service life and reliability are increased by 3 times. The thin furnace lining design reduces the space leakage magnetic field, and the electric energy conversion efficiency is extremely high, achieving the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

    3. Assembled induction furnace with convenient disassembly and assembly, new energy-saving furnace lining with long service life in China, and water cooling is not used for connecting copper bars during the day.

    4. High efficiency and energy saving, low billet burning loss, can meet most of the precision forming requirements of billet without adding protective atmosphere, and has the function of pause and heat preservation.

    5. The steel plate forging heating furnace is fully automatic feeding machine, discharging device, blank temperature sorting and forging manipulator on-line to form an automatic forging production line.

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