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    Selection method of induction heating equipment

       One, the choice of heating method:

    Nowadays, there are many methods of heating metal on the market, such as fuel furnace, pit furnace, etc. There are many methods. We recommend the use of induction medium frequency induction heating equipment, which can replace traditional heat treatment methods. This is a modern intelligent heating method that uses electric energy for heat treatment. Songdao Technology's intermediate frequency induction heating furnace is based on IGBT as the main component, which is energy-saving and efficient. It is one of the smart recommended methods for modern metal workpiece heat treatment.

    The use of induction heating equipment for heat treatment of metal workpieces has the following advantages: good surface quality, low brittleness, hardening of the quenched surface by oxidation and decarburization, and small deformation. Therefore, the medium frequency induction heating electric furnace has been widely used for the heat treatment of metal surfaces.

       Two, heat treatment equipment model and power selection tips:

       1. Find out the material specifications of the workpiece;

      2. Ensure that the part of the workpiece is heated;

    3. Finding a suitable and regular manufacturer is the first choice;

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan