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    Electric furnace technical information(技术)

    Features of induction heating furnace

    Features of induction heating furnace:

    1. The induction heating furnace has a safety debugging function. During process debugging, the safety debugging mode is turned on. The power supply can test the matching condition of the load, quickly find the resonance point and load matching point, and record the load resonance frequency, voltage and current ratio and other parameters to avoid In the process debugging stage, the workpiece is damaged, and the debugging time is shortened, and the production efficiency is improved; avoiding the damage to the person and the equipment.

    2. Intelligent power control

    The automatic power supply is controlled by a DSP processor, and the parameters are solidified in the program. Environmental changes will not affect the internal parameters. Compared with the analog control system, the digital power supply has higher stability.

    3. The electric induction heating equipment has a fast start-up speed and a high start-up success rate.

    4. It is specially designed for induction heating equipment that needs frequent start and stop, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the energy consumption of the power supply and auxiliary equipment.

    5. Intermediate frequency induction heating equipment has variable frequency adaptive function.

    6. Induction heating equipment fault self-diagnosis function, when the operator misuses or alarms in special working conditions, the touch screen will display the fault content, click the help of the corresponding fault to find the solution to the corresponding fault. Common faults can be quickly dealt with by the operator, greatly improving production efficiency, and reducing the dependence on the technical level of the operator.

    Induction heating furnaces have their own market requirements. Songdao induction heating equipment has brought considerable economic profits to many customers and is in continuous development. The rapid development and advancement of induction heating furnaces. It is also necessary for business development. Songdao continues to strengthen the steel pipe heat treatment production line, aluminum rod heating furnace, steel pipe quenching and tempering production line, billet heating equipment, steel rod heating furnace, steel pipe induction quenching equipment, induction quenching and tempering furnace, induction annealing furnace, induction heating furnace and other intermediate frequency induction heating furnace skills Innovation and service development

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan