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    A. Product use

    The induction heating furnace is an electric heating device that generates an induction current inside a workpiece in an alternating electromagnetic field based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, thereby heating the workpiece. This device is suitable for heating steel, cast iron and its alloys.

    B. Technical specifications and basic requirements

    1. Technical specifications

    Serial number






      rated power





      Rated frequency





      Operating temperature





      Cooling water pressure


      0.2 0.4


    2. Basic requirements

    2.1. The technical conditions of this product comply with the relevant regulations in GB10067.1-88 and GB10067.3-88 .

    2.2. This product should work under the following conditions:

    Altitude: < 1000 meters;

    Ambient temperature: 40 ;

    Monthly average maximum relative humidity  90 %;

    There is no conductive dust, explosive gas or corrosive gas that can seriously damage metal and insulating materials around the equipment;

    No obvious vibration;

    Water quality:

    Hardness: CaO 10mg equivalent;

    Acidity and alkalinity: Ph=7 8.5 ;

    Suspended solids < 10mg/L ;

    Water resistance> 2.5K ;

    Iron content < 2mg .

    C. Brief description of structure and work process

    This equipment is composed of support, translation, lifting device furnace body and intermediate frequency power cabinet, capacitor cabinet, water-cooled cable, control button box and other devices.

    Brief description of the use process :

       1. Select the required support bricks according to the heating workpiece see Table 1 , and place the support bricks and the workpiece on the lifting platform for positioning, and move the workpiece to stop in place.

      2. The second step Select the sensor that is compatible with the workpiece see Table 2 . The lifting table will work to place the sensor and the heating workpiece in the same center, with equal clearances on all sides.

    3. After the lifting system is in place, it will stop automatically and start the intermediate frequency power supply for heating. When the temperature is reached, it will automatically or manually drop and move to complete the heating.

    4. Description:

    Taking into account the magnetic field radiation, plus the height of the supporting brick and the height of the workpiece, the lifting screw is longer, based on the center of the translation mechanism, and the size of the opening on both sides is 2100mm in length , 50mm in width and 150 in depth . See the figure below for details:

    Table I

    Mold specifications and corresponding workpieces :

    Workpiece specifications

            Use mold specifications

    [Phi] inner = 1264mm inner [Phi] = 1213mm

    Outer 1304   High 130

    [Phi] inner = 866mm inner [Phi] = 815mm

    Outer 898    High 200


    Outer 692    High 230

    within [phi] = 607mm

     639    high 190


     508    high 80


    Table II

       Sensor specifications and corresponding workpieces

    Workpiece specifications

            Use sensor specifications

    [Phi] inner = 1264mm inner [Phi] = 1213mm

    inner 1370

    =866mm  =815mm

    inner 970

    =660mm  =607mm

    inner 770


    Within 570

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