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    Electric furnace principle圻尖

    Which project indicators of the cooling water have requirements for the induction heating furnace?

    (1) Resistivity If this value is low, the cooling water flowing through the induction coil, the water-cooled cable rubber tube and the anode of the oscillating tube will cause greater leakage current to the ground.

    (2) pH value Considering the anti-corrosion effect, a high pH value (weakly alkaline) is beneficial. When the pH value is greater than 7, the precipitation of CaCO3 into the tube increases, and the precipitation film has an anti-corrosion effect;> 8 will produce rust; <6 will cause corrosion to brass.

    (3) The increase in the values of full hardness, calcium hardness, and magnesium hardness leads to an increase in the amount of adhesion on the pipe wall, thus reducing the thermal conductivity of the copper pipe; when the temperature of the copper pipe rises, the scaling will accelerate, which will cause the cross section of the water to flow. Decrease, reduce the water flow.

    (4) Oxygen consumption This value indicates the amount of microorganisms. When there are many microorganisms, algae grows in the tube, which will easily cause the tube to block and damage the instrument. When this value is high, it is necessary to sterilize.

    (5) Chloride ion When this value is high, it will cause corrosion damage, dissolve the copper pipe, and rust the iron pipe. If this value exceeds 50x10-6, it is necessary to use a deionization device for refining.

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