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    Electric furnace principle(原理)

    Details related to the operation of the induction heating furnace

    1 Connect the cooling water, check whether each water outlet pipe is unblocked and make the pressure of the water pressure gauge> 0.8kg/cm2

    2 Close the wall switch, and then close the "main power switch", the AC voltmeter has instructions, and the incoming line light is on, indicating that the three-wire power supply has power.

    3 Press the "Control circuit on" button, and the "Control circuit on" yellow indicator light is on. The 2 lights on the control box are on, and the rectifier trigger ammeter, 15V reverse AC power supply, and 24V power amplifier power meter all have instructions.

    4 Put the "check-work" switch on the control box to the working position.

    5 Press the "main circuit close" button, the yellow indicator light of the main circuit turns on.

    6 Move the potentiometer on the right front door counterclockwise to the O position (this is the best way to adjust), and then press the "inverter start" button. At this time, the DC voltage is about 100 volts indication (if there is no voltage, the start will not succeed ), wait for 2 to 3 seconds to hear the sound of the induction heating furnace, and the inverter working yellow light will be on. ,,,,,,

    7 Under the condition that the impedance frequency is relatively suitable, you can adjust the potentiometer on the right door clockwise to increase the rectified voltage and DC current, and the voltage and power of the induction heating furnace will increase. At this time, it should be noted that: Ua=(1.2 ~1.4) Ud.

    8 When it is heated to a suitable temperature, reduce the power, and then press the "Inverter stop" button.

    9 If it is no longer heating, disconnect the main circuit first, then the control circuit, and finally the main power switch.

    10 After a power failure, the cooling water cannot be turned off immediately, and the water should be circulated for at least 15 minutes before stopping the water.

    11 Pay attention to the water on the ground, iron filings can not fall into the wire trench to avoid short circuit. And regularly (once a month) check the wire trench for water or debris.

    12 If the furnace is broken, stop it immediately and replace the furnace tube, otherwise it will endanger personal safety. When replacing the furnace tube, prevent the induction coil from being damaged, and dry it until the measured insulation is qualified.

    13 When the induction heating furnace is running, if a failure occurs suddenly, it should be shut down for maintenance immediately. After troubleshooting, when the furnace is restarted, there should be no material in the furnace (ie starting without load) in order to succeed, and it cannot be started with a load.

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