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    Water temperature alarm elimination method for quenching machine tool equipment

    The use of quenching machine tools is an indispensable equipment for heat treatment. The editor found that water temperature alarms may occur during the use of quenching machine tools. What should I do at this time? How to remove the water temperature alarm of the quenching machine tool? Let¨s take a look together.

    After the quenching machine is turned on for a long time, the water temperature alarm phenomenon appears during the operation: check the water temperature of the pool, and replace the cooling water if the water temperature alarm is caused by the water temperature of the pool is too high.

    After working for a period of time or a few minutes, the water temperature will alarm, and the quenching machine will continue to work for a while. Frequent alarms: check the cooling water pipes in the main control cabinet to see if there is any blockage, and ensure that the cooling water is clean under long-term use. Prevent debris in the water from blocking water pipes and causing water temperature alarms or other equipment failures. Removal method for water pipe blockage of quenching machine tool: Remove all water pipes from the direction of the water outlet inside the control cabinet, and use an air compressor or other blowing equipment to clean them one by one to ensure that all water pipes are unblocked.

    After confirming that all water pipes are unblocked, the equipment still alarms, it is very likely that the quenching machine tool will be severely scaled and descaling is required. You can buy descaling agents on the market for descaling. Descaling method: According to the size of the quenching machine, approximately 25 kg of water can be mixed with 1.5-2 kg of descaling agent, circulated with a water pump for 30 minutes, and then replaced with clean water and recirculated for 30 minutes.

    Sometimes the alarm and stop: The pressure of the water pump of the quenching machine is unstable. If the pressure of the water pump is unstable, bubbles simply occur in the water pipe, because the three-phase bridge cooling water box is relatively high, the air bubbles will go up and part of the cooling water box will be empty, so This part is simply because the water temperature is too high to cause the water temperature alarm maintenance of the quenching machine tool. Solution: Just increase the pressure of the water pump.

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