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    Electric furnace technical information(技术)

    Effective Measures for Increasing the Life of Induction Melting Furnace

    When the lining is knotted, the following precautions can effectively improve the lining life of the intermediate frequency furnace.

    (1) Use balanced furnace lining, comprehensive furnace building, and high-quality bricks for key parts.

    The induction melting furnace needs to be lined and sintered in the furnace body during the initial and future use. Furnace linings are divided into acidic and alkaline linings according to different raw materials and smelting requirements. Our factory uses acidic linings. Furnace lining is to use quartz sand and other materials to make a protective layer along the inner wall of the furnace to isolate the melting material from the induction coil in the furnace to protect the induction coil. When lining the furnace lining, it should be paid attention to, and the lining should be evenly sturdy, and the lining should be finished at one time, and the shape should be formed at one time. After the furnace lining is finished, it needs to be baked at low temperature for a long time to make it condense into a solid whole, and has considerable strength, which can withstand the impact of melt stirring and feeding. When sintering, follow the empty furnace, low power and slow temperature rise method, and continue to bake for more than 36 hours to fully condense and solidify. The quality of the lining knot is an important prerequisite to ensure the service life and safety of the induction melting furnace.

    (2) Improve the material of furnace lining bricks and improve the quality of bricklaying.

    After the lining is knotted, how to operate correctly and reasonably is the key to prolonging the service life of the induction melting furnace and ensuring the safety of life. -Under normal circumstances, before operating the induction melting furnace, check whether the water flow of the water cooling system is unobstructed, whether the cooling water pressure and temperature are normal, whether there is water leakage, and whether the hydraulic system can work normally. During the operation, be careful not to touch it randomly, operate by one person, and supervise by one person, and it is strictly forbidden to enter the computer room to prevent electric shock.

    (3) Strengthen the maintenance and repair of furnace lining.

    During the smelting process, use dry molten material, discharge the material lightly, and add the material frequently. When the molten material in the furnace is melted to meet the needs, it should be poured out in time to avoid high temperature and increase the loss of the furnace lining; Red phenomenon, this is the precursor of furnace leakage. Measures such as shutting down the intermediate frequency power supply and dumping the molten material in the furnace should be taken in time to avoid furnace leakage accidents. It should also be noted during use that when it is found that the furnace lining becomes very thin and cannot be used continuously, the old furnace lining should be smashed and replaced with a new one to prevent the occurrence of furnace leakage accidents.

    (4) Improve the smelting process operation to minimize human damage.

    Because the induction furnace works at high temperature, high voltage, and high current. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the dust in the computer room, the power cabinet and the copper bar connected to the induction coil frequently to prevent the insulation degradation and failure. Frequently check whether the water flow and water pressure of each cooling water circuit are normal. Regularly tighten the connecting bolts and nuts of each component to prevent poor contact from burning the components. Regularly maintain the pumping motor of the water cooling system and the motor of the hydraulic station, clean the hydraulic oil, and ensure the normal water supply and oil supply of the equipment. Periodically check the rated voltage and current of the equipment to prevent malfunction of the protection circuit. Regular, correct and meticulous maintenance is an important guarantee for prolonging the service life of the induction melting furnace and ensuring safety.

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