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    Uniqueness of induction heating furnace

    Intermediate frequency induction heating is a product of the crystallization of peoples knowledge with the development of modern industrial economy. It has always been the core technology of heat treatment of mechanical equipment components. Induction heating furnace is a highly used and popular process equipment and has become a practice in various fields. The leader in heating. So, what is unique about the induction heating furnace?

     induction heating furnace

    1. Exceeding quality to ensure precise control of products

    The induction heating furnace uses alternating current to heat the surface layer of the metal uniformly by means of stable induction heating and then cools and quenches it. The intermediate frequency alternating current input by the precision inductor is not evenly distributed across the parts, so the skin effect is used to make The surface hardness and fatigue strength of the parts have been greatly improved, while the center of the parts can maintain the original toughness, so the quality of the parts can be guaranteed.

    2. Small size, lower maintenance cost, easy operation

    The induction heating furnace is small in size, light in weight, does not occupy the factory space, and is convenient and flexible to move back and forth. The reliable induction heating furnace is not easy to be damaged, and the maintenance cost is lower. The staff on the ordinary assembly line can master it in a short time .

    3. Multi-functional and all-round integration, increasing the degree of automation

    Compared with the traditional heating method, the new induction heating furnace has perfected the introduction of diversified technical functions and integrated more process requirements, truly and effectively successfully realized the online induction heating and reasonable heat preservation of the industrial parts manufacturing process, and met more needs in all directions. The Induction heating furnace  is an effective assistant to achieve the heating target, which significantly improves the automation of the entire process, is highly efficient and energy-saving, and is convenient and safe to operate.

    The reason why the application field of induction heating furnace can achieve such a wide range of effects is because the advantages of intermediate frequency induction heating in the process of parts processing are incomparable. No matter what kind of parts and processing requirements, induction heating furnaces can be easily captured, but as far as the manufacturer is concerned, the higher the production efficiency of the equipment, the more guarantees the production quality. Therefore, which induction heating furnace quality is better for the enterprise? Said is crucial.

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan