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    Induction melting furnace slag removal and furnace repair method

    The induction melting furnace has a high productivity, and the melting period can be shortened to about 35 minutes. In order to maximize the use of the furnace power, the slag must be removed as quickly as possible. Using a skimmer or manual slag removal, the effect is poor, the time is long, and the working conditions are bad. For this reason, a method of dumping the slag from the back of the furnace is proposed, that is, the furnace body is tilted back 20-25, and the slag is poured into the transport truck through the slot at the back of the top of the furnace body. This method is quick and convenient. After the intermediate frequency induction smelting furnace has been working for one campaign, the furnace must be repaired. In order to shorten the furnace shutdown time for the replacement of refractory linings, mechanized means must be adopted. The vibrating furnace building machine and the furnace lining pusher have become the main parts of the large-scale induction melting furnace. The lining push-out machine can push out the lining refractory material when it is not completely cooled, further shortening the repairing time and improving the working environment.

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