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    Electric furnace technical information┝縞

    How to use induction heating furnace safely?

    1. Start-up procedure of induction heating furnace

    (1) Turn on the water pump and check whether the water outlet pipelines are unblocked. Only when the waterway is unblocked can we proceed to the next step.

    (2) Turn on the "Control Power" button, the corresponding indicator light is on (green light is on).

    (3) Press the "AC Close" button, the corresponding indicator light (green light is on).

    (4) Turn the "power adjustment potentiometer" counterclockwise to the end, and then press the "MF Start" button, the corresponding indicator light is on (green light).

    (5) Slowly rotate the "Power Potentiometer" knob in a clockwise direction. When you hear an intermediate frequency whistling sound, you can continue to increase the voltage and increase the intermediate frequency voltage to 300V. At this time, the DC voltage is about 200V. The intermediate frequency voltage quickly rises to the rated value (usually 720V when the incoming line is 380V).

    (6) If there is no IF whistling sound, only the DC ammeter in the indicator has an indication, indicating that the IF has not been established, and the voltage cannot continue to rise at this time. You can turn the potentiometer fully counterclockwise (ie "reset"), restart it, and keep it straight. If the stop is successful, if it fails to start after 3 times, it must be shut down for inspection.

    (7) You can also turn the "Adjust Potentiometer" knob to the required normal use position, and then press the "Intermediate Frequency Start" button to start automatically.

    2. Shutdown procedure of induction heating furnace

    (1) Rotate the power adjustment potentiometer counterclockwise to the end.

    (2) Press the "Intermediate Frequency Stop" button, and the "Intermediate Frequency Start" indicator light is off.

    (3) Press the "AC Open" button, and the "AC Close" indicator will go out at this time.

    (4) Turn off the "Control Power", at this time the "Control Power" indicator is off.

    (5) At this time, the cooling water of the power supply can be turned off, and the cooling water of the sensor etc. can be turned off after the furnace is filled with people and cooled.

    3. Precautions for using induction heating furnace

    1.  The induction heating furnace is a high-voltage power supply equipment. The work in front of the furnace must establish the idea of safety first. When the furnace is working, the spirit must be highly concentrated and stand in the specified operating position.

    2. Before starting the furnace, it is necessary to check whether the pushing and discharging device, circulating water, air pressure are normal, whether the limit switch and automatic and manual switch positions are in the required position, and check whether the blank on the workbench meets the requirements of the forged parts. The water is the induction furnace. For the lifeline of the company, special attention must be paid to the amount of cooling water, and the water temperature at the outlet must not exceed 60<C.

    3.  The power cabinet must closely cooperate with the induction heating furnace or the internal and external consoles. Start the heating furnace according to the process card of the induction heating of each part, adjust the heating parameters, and perform normal heating production after being stabilized.

    4.    The blanks must be placed correctly during the charging process. Any blanks with large burrs or deformations must be heat treated before they can be loaded into the furnace, and the charging method must be paid attention to, and the "horsehoe" should be placed upwards to avoid jamming the top and damaging the furnace lining. The furnace must be shut down for maintenance when it is found that the jammed material top is broken.

    5. Every time it starts, it should be protected that there is no cold material in it. When starting, the billet will be pushed forward and heated to prevent the billet from over-burning and melting.

    6. When the furnace is cold at work for the first time, the rated power should not be used immediately, and 60%-75% of the normal power should be used for low-temperature heating, so that the temperature rise of the furnace lining is not excessive, and the occurrence of cracks in the furnace lining can be avoided. When the temperature reaches about 900≧ evenly, the power can be increased to the normal process power, and the forging operation can be formally performed.

    7. Because of the fast heating speed of the furnace, the operation in front of the furnace must always observe the change of the material temperature. If necessary, use a thermometer to measure the temperature. The material temperature should not exceed 1250≧ and should not be lower than 900≧. Excessively high will cause the rough structure of the blank and affect the quality of forgings. , Too low will increase the load of the forging equipment and reduce the service life of the forging equipment.

    8. When the hammer is stopped for a short time to adjust the film, the heating can be carried out with low power (500KW) heat preservation, and then the heating is required to push the material according to the rhythm. If necessary, manual push is enabled to avoid the phenomenon of overburning and melting of the charge due to the long heating time. , The furnace should be stopped when the refueling time is long.

    9. After each shift, turn off the push and discharge controllers, blow off the furnace base and furnace mouth oxide scale, and clean the furnace base.

    10. After the shutdown, the sensor should push the remaining material in the furnace, and continue to pass cooling water for 30-60 minutes to gradually cool it, so as to prevent the residual heat from damaging the sensor.

    11. Two parts blanks should not exist in front of the furnace and on the workbench at the same time. The remaining heated blanks must be sorted into the bin before the furnace is moved down, and the specifications of the blanks and the part numbers produced should be indicated. The red material in the induction furnace Forging must be finished. If failure occurs, use special cold material to eject the box.

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