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    Electric furnace technical information┝縞

    Understand the winding method of induction melting furnace coil in 1 minute

    1. Annealing of induction melting furnace coils. Before winding the induction coil, the rectangular pure copper tube is annealed. Keep the pure copper tube at 650~700≧ for 30~40 minutes, and then quickly cool it in water at 20~30≧.

    2. Induction melting furnace coil winding. Wind the rectangular pure copper tube into various profiling induction coils. Iron or wooden molds should be used when winding the coils of the induction melting furnace. Considering the springback of the rectangular copper tube after winding, the size of the mold should be slightly smaller than the required size. When the winding radius is small, heating winding should be performed, that is, acetylene flame is used to bake the pure copper tube at the bending part during winding.

    3. Induction melting furnace coil correction. Correct the wound induction coil to the required size and press it with a clamp.

    4. The annealing temperature, time and method after winding the induction coil of the induction melting furnace are the same as those of the pure copper tube.

    5. Induction melting furnace coil water pressure test. Pass water or air with a pressure 1.5 times the design pressure of the feedwater into the pure copper tube of the induction coil, and check whether there is water leakage at the joint between the pure copper tube and the pipe.

    6. The coil of the Induction melting furnace  is covered with an insulating layer. On the pure copper tube, 1/3 overlap and wrap the alkali-free glass ribbon.

    7. The coil of the induction melting furnace is impregnated with insulating varnish. The induction coil covered with the insulating layer is preheated in an electric furnace or a hot air drying box, and then dipped in an organic insulating paint for 15 minutes. If there are many bubbles in the paint during the dipping process, the dipping time should be extended, generally three times.

    8. Induction melting furnace  coil drying. It is carried out in a hot air drying box. When the induction melting furnace is installed, the temperature of the induction coil should not be higher than 50≧, and the temperature should be raised at a rate of 15≧/h, and it should be dried for 20h at 100~110≧, but it should be baked until the paint film does not stick to the hands.

    Induction melting furnace coil

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