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    Electric furnace technical parameters(参数)

    3T induction melting furnace technical parameter selection table

    3T induction melting furnace technical parameter selection table

    IF power supply

    Work form: series inverter (SCR) dual power supply (one with two)

    Rectification form: 6-phase 12-pulse

    Output power: 2200KW

    Power efficiency ≥98%

    Start mode: zero voltage sweep frequency start

    Start-up rate: 100% (including heavy load)

    Rated frequency: 350Hz

    AC voltage: 575V

    DC voltage: 750V

    Intermediate frequency voltage:

    Direct current: 1650A×2

    Alternating current: 1350A×2

    Input frequency: 50Hz

    Inverter form: string take (SCR)

    Dimensions: 2200mm×3600mm×1000mm (height×width×thickness)

    Weight: 1360KG

    Circulating water volume: 80 tons/h

    Steel shell furnace body

    Rated capacity: 3000KG

    Maximum capacity: 3300KG

    Rated power: 2200KW

    Frequency: 350Hz

    Power factor: ≥0.95

    Working method: 2 furnaces work at the same time, 1 smelting, 1 heat preservation

    Melting rate: 3 tons/hour

    Working temperature: 1650℃

    Loading height: 1500mm

    Loading diameter: 880mm (top mouth)

    Loading diameter: 780mm (lower mouth)

    Maximum tilting angle: 95°

    Lining thickness: 10mm

    Way of outlet: side outlet

    Circulating water volume: 70 tons/h

    Tilting method: hydraulic

    Unit power consumption: 535 degrees/T (cast iron) 620 degrees/T (cast steel)

    Operating Voltage:

    Working current: 3300A

    Dimensions: 2700×2000×2650

    Weight: 4800KG


    Rated capacity: 2450KVA

    Primary voltage: 10KV

    Secondary voltage: 575V/6 phase 50Hz

    Number of phases at a time: 3 phases

    Number of secondary phases: 6 phases and 12 pulses

    Output form: three △ three Y


    Hydraulic cylinder:

    Working pressure: 10Mpa

    Diameter: Φ70 plunger cylinder

    Stroke: 1107mm

    3 Flow rate: >26L/Min

    Hydraulic station:

    Working pressure: 10Mpa

    Hydraulic pump: double pump double electric

    Form: Horizontal

    Capacity: 600L


    Mode: Electric (action indicator light)

    Cooling water


    Power supply: Plate converter

    Furnace: Cross-flow cooling tower



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