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    Selection Guide for Induction Heating Furnace

    Induction heating furnaces are divided into three categories according to the output frequency of the equipment: audio signal transmission frequency range is 20Hz-20KHz signal,

    1. Super audio series, frequency 30--80KHZ series, power 7160KW

    2. Intermediate frequency series, frequency 1K-20KHZ series, power 3160KW

    3. UHF series, frequency 100KHZ1.1MHZ series, power 3100KW

    product description:

    1. High frequency TXCG series: frequency 100KHZ1.1MHZ, power 3100KW

    2. Super audio TX series: frequency 30100KHZ, power 7160KW

    3. IF TXZ series: frequency 120KHZ, power 15160KW

    4. Hand-held series: frequency 30-100KHZ, power 10KW, 30KW, 60KW, induction coil lead wire 3--8 meters long;

    main application:

    1. The main purpose of high frequency and audio equipment: metal parts heat treatment, parts quenching, stainless steel annealing, copper tube annealing, hot rolling, etc.; welding of turning tools, milling cutters, drill bits, welding of carbide saw circular saw blades, welding of diamond saw blades , Copper pipe welding, cable joint welding, communication product welding; precious metals, gold smelting, platinum smelting, stainless steel smelting and a small amount of other alloy smelting.

    2. The main purpose of the intermediate frequency induction heating furnace: all kinds of metal smelting above 5KG, bar material penetration, heat matching, welding, etc.;

    3. Hand-held equipment: used for on-line welding of copper plate and copper wire joints of power transformers; on-line brazing of copper pipes of air conditioners and refrigerators;

    Selection Guide for induction heating furnace

    1. Regarding the diathermy of the workpiece. Application scope: Hot heading and hot rolling of fasteners, standard parts, auto parts, hardware tools, rigging, twist drills, etc.

    Principle: The larger the diameter of the workpiece, the lower the frequency should be. (Select the appropriate power according to the production efficiency, the greater the power, the faster the speed). like:

    Above 20, intermediate frequency (1-20KHZ)

    5-20, high frequency (20-100KHZ)

    Below 5, UHF (100-500KHZ)

    2. Regarding heat treatment. Application range: shafts, gears, sprockets, machine tool guide parts, metal wire annealing, hydraulic parts, auto parts, knife-cut pliers, stainless steel pot annealing, etc.

    Principle: The shallower the hardened layer is required for the workpiece, the higher the frequency should be. (Combined with the comprehensive consideration of workpiece shape, quenching method, quenching hardness, hardened layer requirements and materials) such as:

    Below 1mm, UHF 100-700KHZ;

    1-2.5mm, super audio 20-100KHZ;

    Above 2.5mm, intermediate frequency 1-20KHZ.

    3. Brazing. Application range: composite welding of different materials such as drill bits, turning tools, reamers, milling cutters, drill bits, and stainless steel pot bottoms.

    Principle: The larger the welding volume, the lower the frequency should be. (According to the specific workpiece shape, material, solder, etc.)

    For tools with a volume less than 30*30*30, high frequency can be used;

    4. Smelting. Application range: precious metals such as gold, silver, copper and lead. (It depends on the furnace and production efficiency). To

    Principle: Small capacity can choose high frequency, large capacity can choose intermediate frequency,

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