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    Electric furnace industry news(电炉新闻)

    Novel bottom mechanism of induction melting furnace

        The new furnace bottom of general induction melting furnace mainly refers to the steel structure frame of the furnace bottom, which is used to load and stabilize the upper furnace lining and magnetic

    Yoke and coil, as well as paste and fix the furnace shell. At present, the new bottom structure of the well-known and public induction melting furnace mainly includes

    Annular frame, supporting plate and refractory layer; the supporting plate is a horizontal circular steel plate, and the edge is welded to the middle of the inner edge of the annular frame;

    The refractory layer is arranged on the supporting plate. However, such a structure often makes the weight of the objects above the refractory layer on the support plate.

    The stresses generated are all concentrated at the welding seam; obviously, the welding seam at the edge of the supporting plate serves as the only supporting part of the supporting plate.

    The strength and rigidity of its own are limited, and it is difficult to withstand continuous stress, and the horizontal form of the support plate itself has no advantage.

    Offset the internal stress; and as the furnace body of the intermediate frequency induction furnace becomes larger and the weight of the support above the furnace bottom increases,

    The above-mentioned defects in the new bottom structure of this type of induction melting furnace will become more and more obvious, greatly reducing the furnace body

    The overall stability of the structure; and a slight accident may even seriously affect the safety of the furnace operation.

    The technical problem to be solved by the utility model is to provide a stable structure with sufficient strength and bearing capacity.

    The new furnace bottom of the load-bearing induction melting furnace is suitable for the new furnace body of the current large-scale induction melting furnace, which can effectively guarantee

    The stability and safety of its overall operation.

    The main technical solution of the utility model for solving the above technical problems is a novel furnace bottom of an induction melting furnace

    It includes a ring frame and a refractory layer, and is characterized in that it also includes a head, and the edge of the head has a flanging frame on the ring frame

    On the upper periphery, the refractory layer is placed in the head.

    The head in the utility model is mainly made of head slabs specially rolled (rolled in two vertical directions) by the steel mill.

    The spinning method manufactures, the purpose is to achieve less or no welds, to ensure strength and rigidity. Of course, this utility model is

    The specific form of the head, such as flat-bottomed or tapered, is not required.

        The utility model adopts the head as the load-bearing plate of the furnace bottom. Compared with the horizontal support plate used in the existing furnace bottom, it is

    The main concentration area of heavy stress is the flanging, and the flanging gets the vertical support of the upper periphery of the ring frame, which is obviously better than the original

    The weld seam is stable and safe: and the wall panel connected with the flange is an inner arc structure, which can gradually reduce or even partially offset

    The internal stress transferred to the flanging makes the furnace bottom more load-bearing, which can well meet the needs of the new type of large-scale induction melting furnace.

    The requirements for stable and safe operation of the system.

    Description of the drawings

        Fig. 1 is a schematic diagram of a novel bottom structure of an existing induction melting furnace.

        Figure 2 is a schematic diagram of the structure of the utility model.

    1. Annular frame; 2. Refractory layer; 3. Horizontal support plate; 4. Head; 5. Flanging;

    Detailed ways

        The utility model will be further explained in conjunction with the drawings. Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the new furnace bottom structure of an existing induction melting furnace

    Figure, as a comparison. It mainly includes a ring frame 1, a refractory layer 2 and a horizontal support plate 3. The horizontal support plate 3 is mainly

    A round steel plate, the edge is welded to the middle of the inner edge of the ring frame 1, and the refractory layer 2 is arranged on the horizontal support plate 3.

        Figure 2 is a schematic diagram of the structure of the new furnace bottom of the induction melting furnace of the present invention, including a ring frame 1 and a refractory layer 2,

    It is characterized in that it also includes a head 4, the edge of the head 4 is opened with a flanging 5, which is mounted on the upper periphery of the ring frame 1, and is resistant to

    The fire layer 2 is placed in the head 4. And the preferred head 4 in this embodiment is made by spinning a whole head slab.

    The non-welded seam head is made to further enhance the bearing strength and rigidity.




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