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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    New induction heating furnace for elbow pipe

    At present, the domestic elbow produced by stamping method has serious mold indentation, uneven wall thickness, out-of-poor geometric angle, low quality, and high labor intensity; the elbow elbow produced by the same diameter cold push method is drawn by the outer arc Thinning, thickening of the inner arc, uneven wall thickness, large processing volume of mechanical flat mouth, waste of raw materials, low production efficiency, and limitations, unable to produce large and medium diameter medium and high voltage 180 elbows; medium frequency induction hardening transformer single and double The seamless elbows and elbows made by expanding the diameter of the ring heating method can only produce small and medium-sized carbon steel and alloy steel elbows with a diameter of 426mm, but cannot produce elbows and elbows of other metal materials. The above three methods of producing elbows and elbows can not meet the needs of producing seamless elbows and elbows of various material specifications and models of large and medium caliber, low, medium and high pressure.

    The new induction heating furnace provides a high- and medium-sized model that can overcome the above-mentioned shortcomings of the prior art and can produce non-ferrous metals such as copper, titanium, nickel, aluminum and their alloys and stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and other metal materials. , Low-pressure large, medium, small diameter and other high-quality seamless elbow elbow wall thickness and intermediate frequency induction multi-turn heating furnace.

    A new type of induction heating furnace for elbow pipes: it includes a movable support and a heating furnace. The heating furnace is a conical multi-circle heating ring made of red copper pipes. Each side of the conical multi-circle heating ring has a certain radius of curvature. The arc-shaped insulating plate is fixed with bolts between the insulating plate and the conical multi-circle heating ring. The two ends of the conical multi-circle heating ring are connected with the intermediate frequency power supply. The insulating plates on both sides pass through the ring and open respectively. The type rigging screw buckle connection is hoisted on the movable sliding block of the movable bracket, so as to move forward, backward, left, and right. The advantage is that the furnace temperature can reach 1250 degrees, the furnace temperature is constant and adjustable, the installation is convenient, and it is suitable for moving. Strong versatility, safety and reliability. The inner and outer surfaces of the product are smooth, with equal wall thickness, good geometric angle, and high production efficiency, which can meet the requirements of m 32-820mm wall thickness Sch5s-Sch160 and extra-thick wall non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and other metal materials A variety of specifications and models of high, medium and low pressure 450-900-180 seamless elbow elbow or expanded diameter to push seamless pipes of various metal materials, can also be thermally expanded and the same diameter to push DN800-DN3500 straight seam welded pipes and spirals Pipe 45 degrees -90 degrees -180 degrees. Elbows are used for elbows.

    Description of the drawings:



    Figure 1 is a schematic front view.


    Figure 2 is a schematic top view.

    DETAILED DESCRIPTION: Referring to Figures 1 and 2, the multi-turn induction heating furnace includes a movable support 6, and the heating furnace is made of purple

    Conical multi-circle heating ring 1 made of copper tube, one on each side of the conical multi-circular heating ring has a certain curvature and a half

    The radius of curvature of the insulating plate 2 must be the same as the radius of curvature of the product being produced.

    The edge plate and the tapered multi-turn heating ring are connected and fixed by bolts, and the two ends of the tapered multi-turn heating ring are equipped with terminal posts.

    7. The insulating plates on both sides are connected to the movable support by the ring 3 and the open rigging screw buckle 4 respectively.

    Move the slide block 5 on.

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