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    Electric furnace technical parameters

    Configuration method of high-end induction melting furnace

    1. IF power configuration:

    Thyristor: British Sima, current and voltage reserve factor 2 times withstand voltage 2500KV.

    Constant power output, automatic adjustment, power factor 0.98, output power 10% -100% adjustable.

    Fault display and fault self-diagnosis function.

    With harmonic elimination measures.

    Three-phase full control bridge rectification.

    With boost compensation circuit.

    Current and voltage double closed-loop adjustment, with over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, short-circuit and phase loss protection, shoot-through protection

    Sweep-type zero-voltage soft start, automatic frequency tracking.

    It can be started frequently, and the startup success rate is 100%.

    Full digital module control.

    Automatic identification of phase sequence.

    Internal and external conversion, automatic / manual conversion function.

    The thyristor control loop is optically isolated.

    The safety factor of inverter and rectifier thyristor are more than 1.5 times.

    With operation interlock function.

    2.Induction melting furnace special inductor

    Copper pipe wall thickness = 5mm

    Withstand voltage 5000V.

    With anti-tip discharge measures.

    Reliable furnace alarm.

    Extended coil, structure lock magnetic ring (short-circuit ring).

    The cable adopts the side lead-in method, the path is reasonable, the loss is reduced, and the damage is prevented.

    3. Power cabinet

    Double door structure, strong and weak electricity are separated.

    Protection class indoor IP55, workshop IP65.

    Hydraulic system

    The oil cylinder is installed upside down, and the cylinder rod is provided with a protective device.

    Adopting dual pumps.

    When the furnace body is tilted, a safe and reliable stop at any position is realized.

    Hydraulic cylinders and tubing are domestically produced high-quality products.

    Use multi-way directional valve.

    5 Cooling system

    Water pumps, water tanks and water pipes are made of anti-corrosive materials.

    Multi-point water temperature monitoring devices are set in key parts.

    The internal circulating water pressure, water temperature, water quality detection and alarm are interlocked with the power supply of the induction melting furnace. The pump is used for one purpose.

    The total inlet of external circulating water and the water pressure and temperature of the branch pipeline alarm.

    Stainless steel plate water-water exchanger, stainless steel pipe fittings, valves.

    6 compensation capacitor

    With impedance regulator.

    Large-capacity non-toxic medium water-cooled intermediate frequency electric heater.

    Temperature detection and over-temperature alarm function.

    Large-section water-cooled copper bar.

    The capacitor case uses double-layer mica insulation technology.

    The capacitors are made directly into the cabinet.

    The inlet and outlet lines at the bottom of the cabinet, and the cooling water pipes enter and exit the side.

    Copper busbar, connecting plate thickness ġ8mm.

    7 water-cooled cable

    The connector of the water-cooled cable is crimped with copper stranded wire by cold-press forming process, and can withstand a tensile force of 8T or more.

    Water-cooled cable jacket is made of flame-retardant rubber tube, which can bear pressure 0.45MPa.

    Copper stranded wires have no broken strands.

    8 Furnace change switch: electric, rated current> 1800A, requires an interlock device for the furnace change switch position (integrated with the capacitor cabinet).

    9 tilting furnace operation table: furnace body tilting, falling handle, pump station start and stop button, furnace leak alarm signal, etc.

    10 other

    There are 5 crucible molds with a wall thickness ġ6mm.

    Furnace tilting angle is 95 .

    Low-voltage electrical appliances use the products of French Schneider.

    PLC uses the products of American AB.

    Appearance color: dark blue.

    The thickness of the anti-skid steel plate around the platform of the induction melting furnace is not less than 8mm.

    10 color LCD touch screen, product of AB company.

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