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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    The importance of cooling systems for induction heating furnaces

    With its unique design characteristics, the induction heating furnace is suitable for the workpiece heat treatment of a large number of production lines. Customize your unique induction heating furnace according to your requirements. Not only that, before all components are assembled, zero defects must be identified to ensure the smooth assembly process. In addition, we are also critical of Each equipment performs a strict process inspection, equipment commissioning, and final inspection management system.

    When using an induction heating furnace for heat treatment of metals, the importance of cooling water is often ignored, and it is mistaken for only clean tap water, but this is not the case. Today, let's take the cooling water of induction heating equipment and see what indicators of cooling water should be paid more attention when using steel bar quenching and tempering equipment!

    1. Resistivity: If this value is low, the cooling water flowing through the anode of the induction coil, the rubber tube of the water-cooled cable and the anode of the oscillating tube will increase the leakage current to the ground.

    2. PH value: Considering the anti-corrosion effect, a high PH value (weak alkalinity) is beneficial. When the pH value is greater than 7, the precipitation of CaCO3 and the like into the tube increases, and the precipitation film has anticorrosive effect;> 8 will cause rust; <6 will cause corrosion of brass.

    3. Full hardness, calcium hardness, and magnesium hardness: Increasing these values leads to an increase in the adhesion of the pipe wall, which reduces the thermal conductivity of the copper pipe; when the temperature of the copper pipe increases, the scaling will accelerate and the water cross section Decrease, reduce water flow.

    4. Oxygen consumption: This value indicates the amount of microorganisms. When there are many microorganisms, algae grow in the tube, which may cause the tube to be blocked and damage the instrument. When this value is high, sterilization is necessary.

    5. Chloride ion: When this value is high, it will cause corrosion damage, dissolve the copper pipe, and rust the iron pipe. If this value exceeds 50 〜 10-6, it is necessary to use a deionization device for refining.


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