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    Electric furnace technical information


    1.After unpacking the 3T medium frequency melting furnace, first check whether the electrical components are damaged during transportation, and whether all the fastening parts are loose or fall off. If any of the above occurs, repair and tighten them in time.

    2. 3T medium frequency melting furnace should be installed in a well ventilated room that is not affected by rain. The body and the wall should be kept at a certain distance so that the front, rear, left and right doors of the body can be opened normally.

    3. the inlet and outlet water route user connection; the inlet and outlet water use two ways, the inlet diameter is 1.5 inches; the outlet diameter is 2 inches.

    4. The user selects the convenient installation position and the external operation console, and the machine body and the external operation console cylinder are connected to each other.

    5, the cooling water quality should be relatively pure; the resistivity is not less than 2.5KΩ. CM (measured at a temperature of about 25 < C); PH value is between 6 and 9.

    6, 3T medium frequency melting furnace should be inspected once a month to remove dust inside the machine. If damage or looseness is found, it should be repaired before use.

    7.  If the 3T intermediate frequency melting furnace needs to be deactivated for a period of time, the accumulated water in the cooling water circuit should be removed and the ventilation and drying should be strengthened to avoid damage to the components caused by moisture in the device.

    8.  After the fuse is blown, replace it with a fuse of the same type.

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