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    Electric furnace technical information


    1 , before starting, first check the water, gas, electricity is turned on, the following operations can be carried out after turning;

    2 , the operator must prepare the corresponding insulation shoes, gloves and so on.

    3 , the operator must have the appropriate electrical knowledge.

    4 , before the equipment maintenance must pull out the gates is determined after the power off, then discharge treatment, and then hang up after the access card, repeated maintenance, such as the need charging operation, more than two must be present, but never allow high pressure operation with .

    5 , before starting, first determine that the waterway is normal, all parts of the equipment are normal to allow booting.

    6 , first open a filament speed, second speed for five minutes apart filament, then after five minutes, before the high pressure feed.

    7 , before sending a high pressure, the output is determined at a minimum position adjustment potentiometer, and then sending a high pressure, and the voltage of the output voltage to adjust the work.

    8 , is determined after the workpiece, heating can press the button, so that it behaves, but never allow the heating load.

    9 , such as at work, the device abnormal situation, the power supply must be disconnected immediately after the check clarity reasons, work.

    10 , after the work is completed the device, disconnect the heating, and then disconnect the high pressure, and then the filament off the power supply.

    11 , after the device stops working, you must wait five minutes later, then disconnect the water.

    12 , during the operation of equipment, such as a temporary emergency must leave, it shall be done, people from the machine stopped, must not be allowed, when no one machine is still working.

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