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    Electric furnace technical information

    1.Selection points

    Based on the continuous development and application of new technologies, new materials, new processes and new equipment, the requirements for induction melting furnaces are also constantly increasing, such as the application of forming furnace lining, the research and application of furnace pretreatment technology, the development and application of high-strength synthetic cast iron, etc. Both have put forward new requirements for induction melting furnaces , and users should consider the following points when purchasing induction melting furnaces .

    (1) According to the development plan of the enterprise, such as production scale, casting size, casting material, working area, lifting capacity and height, and local power supply, etc., the size and power density of the induction melting furnace tonnage are reasonably selected . Enterprises that produce small and medium-sized castings can choose 1~10t induction melting furnaces . If the output is large, you can purchase more than two induction melting furnaces. Enterprises that produce medium and large castings can choose 10~20t induction melting furnaces . On the 20~60t medium frequency holding furnace .

    (2) After selecting the above parameters, the induction melting furnace production enterprise should be inspected in terms of quality, energy saving and environmental protection, reputation, furnace body, power supply system, cooling system, tilting furnace system, reliability, durability, automation degree, service. Comprehensive evaluation of capabilities, response speed, ease of maintenance, technical service guidance, and spare parts prices.

    2. Selection strategy

    (1) Energy saving and environmental protection. The average electricity consumption per ton is around 550kW.h, and it is equipped with a complete dust removal system to meet environmental protection requirements.

    (2) The furnace body, power supply system and cooling system are of high quality, safety, reliability, durability, high degree of automation, automatic fault diagnosis, and low maintenance and maintenance complexity.

    (3) Strong service capability, fast response, reasonable price of non-standard parts, and technical support in many aspects.

    (4) The structure and working principle of the induction melting furnace are similar, but the quality and service are quite different. The products with high comprehensive quality can save many troubles during the use, and the user hopes to use the induction melting furnace. The product performance is stable, the failure rate is low, it is easy to eliminate when the fault occurs, and the quality of the parts is passed. The well-known brand pine guide induction melting furnace can be preferred .

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