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    Electric furnace industry news

    Emergency treatment of excessive cooling water temperature in aluminum melting furnace

    ( 1 ) The sensor cooling water pipe is blocked by foreign matter, causing the flow of water to decrease and the temperature of the cooling water to be too high. At this time, it is necessary to first power off, and then use compressed air to purge the water pipe to remove foreign matter. Pump outage time should not exceed 8min ;

    ( 2 ) The coil cooling water channel has scale, which causes the water flow to decrease and the cooling water temperature to be too high. According to the water quality of the cooling water, the obvious scale on the coil water channel must be pickled in advance every other year or two;

    ( 3 ) The aluminum melting furnace sensor water pipe suddenly leaks. This leakage is mostly caused by insulation breakdown between the inductor and the water-cooled yoke or the surrounding fixed bracket. When this accident is discovered, it should immediately stop power, strengthen the insulation treatment at the breakdown, and seal the surface of the leak with epoxy resin or other insulating glue to reduce the voltage. The aluminum of this furnace is hydrated, and the furnace is repaired after the completion. If the coil water channel is broken down in a large area, it is impossible to temporarily seal the gap with epoxy resin, etc., and it is only necessary to stop the furnace, pour the aluminum liquid, and repair it.

    Power failure accident handling - emergency treatment of aluminum water in the furnace

    ( 1 ) A power outage occurs during the start of the melting of the cold charge, and the charge has not yet completely melted. It is not necessary to tilt the furnace, and it remains in its original state, and only continues to pass the water, waiting for the next time the power is turned on again;

    ( 2 ) The aluminum water has melted, but the amount of aluminum water is not much and cannot be poured (the temperature is not reached, the composition is unqualified, etc.), and it is considered that the furnace is naturally solidified after being tilted to a certain angle. If the amount is large, consider dumping aluminum water;

    ( 3 ) Due to sudden power failure, the aluminum water has melted, trying to insert a pipe in the aluminum water before the aluminum water solidifies, so as to eliminate the gas when it is melted again, and prevent the gas from expanding and causing an explosion accident;

    ( 4 ) When the solidified charge is melted for the second time, it is better to tilt the furnace forward to make it easier for the molten aluminum to flow out at a lower inclination to prevent explosion.

    Emergency treatment of aluminum leakage in aluminum melting furnace

    ( 1 ) Accidents of aluminum leakage are likely to cause equipment damage and even endanger the human body. Therefore, it is necessary to do the maintenance and maintenance of the furnace as much as possible to avoid accidents involving leakage of aluminum;

    ( 2 ) When the alarm of the furnace lining thickness measuring device is ringing, the power should be cut off immediately, and the surrounding of the furnace body should be inspected to check whether the aluminum liquid leaks. If there is leakage, immediately tilt the furnace and pour the aluminum liquid;

    ( 3 ) If it has been found to leak aluminum water, evacuate the personnel immediately and pour the aluminum water directly into the front pit of the furnace;

    ( 4 ) The aluminum leakage liquid is caused by the damage of the furnace lining. The smaller the thickness of the lining, the higher the electrical efficiency and the faster the melting rate. However, when the thickness of the lining is less than 65 mm , the thickness of the entire lining is almost a hard sintered layer and a very thin transition layer. Without a loose layer, the lining is slightly quenched and quenched to produce fine cracks. The crack can crack the entire interior of the lining, and the aluminum liquid is easily leaked out;

    ( 5 ) In the event of a leaking furnace, the personal safety should be ensured first. Considering the safety of the equipment, the main consideration is to protect the induction coil. Therefore, if the furnace leaks, the power should be turned off immediately to keep the cooling water flowing.

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