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    Electric furnace technical parameters(歌方

    Introduction of main control panel function of intermediate frequency furnace

    The main control board of the intermediate frequency furnace: the core components adopt the American ASIC2 high-density integrated circuit block, the phase sequence adaptive circuit, the inverter adopts the sweeping zero-voltage starting mode, the frequency tracking circuit adopts the average sampling scheme, and the inverter circuit adds There is an inverter angle adjustment circuit that automatically adjusts the load impedance matching. With heavy-duty start and lack of material protection.

    Function and protection: The core digital circuit of this main control board has two input/output interfaces. The internal functions include rectification phase shift trigger, phase sequence adaptive, inverter trigger, inverter lead angle lock, inverter repeat start and main control board. Undervoltage automatic protection and other functions.

    Main circuit short circuit protection

    Main circuit phase loss protection

    High voltage and low protection

    Cooling water pressure low protection

    Cooling water temperature protection

    SCR overvoltage, overcurrent protection

    Load overvoltage, overcurrent limit

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan