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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    A, the intermediate water melting furnace cooling water temperature is too high. Generally for the following reasons:

    The sensor cooling water pipe is blocked by foreign matter and the water flow is reduced. At this time, power is cut off, and compressed air is used to remove foreign matter (the power failure time does not exceed 15 minutes).

    Another reason is that the water scale scale seriously affects the flow. A . 1 20 is hydrochloric acid washed once. Remove the hose every six months to check the scale. If the scale is clogged, wash it in advance.

    B, the intermediate frequency melting furnace sensor water pipe suddenly leaks. The reason for this is that the inductor is formed by the insulation breakdown of the yoke or the surrounding fixing bracket. In the event of such an accident, immediately power off, strengthen the insulation treatment of the breakdown, and seal the surface of the leaking surface with epoxy resin or other insulating glue, and use it under reduced pressure. After the molten iron of the furnace is melted, the molten iron is poured out for repair. If the breakdown area is large, it is impossible to seal with epoxy resin, etc., so that it is necessary to stop the furnace and pour out the molten iron for repair.


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