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        How to buy induction heating furnace?
    Many customers who purchase steel rod quenching equipment, steel rod heating furnace, billet heating furnace, steel plate heat treatment equipment, steel heat treatment equipment and other induction heating furnaces say that when purchasing an induction heating furnace, which equipment is expensive, Which one is your choice? Because you must have a reason for it. After all, one point is worth the price, but is it really expensive? Is it good? In this era of following the trend, when you buy only the price, then you will suffer, in addition to the reference price, you need to pay attention to these six aspects, the following induction heating equipment manufacturers for you to explain in detail the induction furnace purchase 6 A small coup.
    Copper row
    Whether the copper bars are connected to the original color of copper, if not, choose not to change one. Regular electrical equipment copper parts need to be whitened, silver plated better, or tin or nickel. Because the copper watch is easily oxidized and will become more and more severe, the contact resistance will become larger and larger, and the power consumption will gradually increase.

    Some manufacturers save the cost of plating for the province, and in order to reduce costs, manufacturers have to pay unreasonably for this long-term. Assuming that this little money is going to be saved, you have to be alert----there can be more things on the device.

    2, aluminum shell capacitors:
    Aluminum shell capacitors are generally divided into three types, common type, standard type, and reinforced type. Generally, it can be seen from the appearance standard and weight, and the reinforcement type is better but the price is high. Now 0.75-2000 capacitor technology is immature, although the price is low, but the lifespan is not long.

    3, circuit breaker (open)
    Third, look at the circuit breaker. A good air-opening can save the equipment life in a critical situation. On the right side, there is a wooden handle type--DW10 or DW16, or you can consult an electrician. The price of this kind of open protection is several times lower. When the equipment is normal, the circuit breaker is just a switch. It is not very important. When it is in the event, this is the gateway to the protection. If it is not effective, it will be unimaginable.
    4, copper
    Copper directly affects the function and power consumption of the medium frequency melting furnace. Although the copper tube products can not be seen thick or thin, the appearance is still inferred: the thin copper tube is more concave than the thick center when it is bent, and it is thin like the induction circle is fierce. Ps: The contract should indicate the thickness. If you buy copper pipe fittings, you should not talk about it.

    5, reactor
    Reactors depend on the overall size, including the size and thickness of the copper tube core. The copper tube is thick but the silicon steel sheet is thin. Silicon steel sheets are generally 10,000 yuan / ton, good tens of thousands / ton. If the reactor is small, the price difference is several thousand yuan. If it is small, it will be easy to use but it will consume more power and affect the protection function.
    6, the radiator
    The radiator is one of the more used accessories on the intermediate frequency equipment. It is easier to find that the trim cover is the triangular cover at both ends. The normal thickness should be about 5mm, otherwise it is difficult to adhere to the rated pressure. How much is the iron value? Even if you have to save a little, you have to be alert!

    In summary of the above six points, when buying induction heating furnaces, in addition to paying attention to price information, you should also pay attention to these accessories, not to lose large, resulting in a huge amount of electricity bills and energy consumption in the later period.

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