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    Electric furnace principle
        Steel pipe spray quenching production line feed roller
       The feed roller path consists of a plurality of roller tables, positioning baffles and detection and detection devices. The spacing between the rollers is 1.8m. Each roller is mainly composed of a V-shaped roller, a motor reducer, two bearing housings and a bracket. The center line of the V-shaped roll is at an angle of 84 degrees to the axis of the steel pipe. As shown in Figure 1. The rotation of the roller drives the steel pipe to advance axially, and the radial friction force causes the steel pipe to rotate, so that the red hot steel pipe side is downward, and the bending deformation is caused by its own weight. The V-shaped rolls of the same speed have different feeding speeds for different diameter steel pipes, the diameter of the steel pipes is large, the feeding speed is fast, the diameter of the steel pipes is small, and the feeding speed is slow. The reducer adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, so that the steel pipes of different diameters can reach a reasonable feeding speed. A detection device is arranged in front of the positioning baffle. When the steel pipe approaches the positioning plate, the detecting device sends a message, the roller speed decreases, the steel pipe decelerates and slowly approaches the positioning baffle to prevent the severe impact from damaging the steel pipe section.

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan