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    1. It can avoid the occurrence of metallurgical reactions that do not meet the requirements, such as oxidation and reduction reactions, and can eliminate harmful gases and combustion products generated by sulfur pollution.

    2, the melting speed is fast. For the same capacity, the medium frequency induction furnace has a higher daily output than other types of furnaces.

    3. The operating cost of the equipment is low, and its energy cost is as low as that of an efficient fuel furnace.

    4, improved working conditions, no large heat loss and soot from the furnace, no pollutants and ash.

    5. Reduce the loss of metal. When the copper-zinc alloy is smelted, the zinc loss due to oxidation may be less than 0.5% by weight.

    6, can automatically stir. (Under certain conditions, this may be harmful)

    7. The maintenance cost of the refractory lining is low. Since the temperature of the furnace body is higher than that of the metal itself, like the fuel furnace, the lining cost of the intermediate frequency electric furnace is lower than that of the fuel furnace.

    8, can be used in special processes, such as vacuum melting. Can be used to produce alloys that cannot be produced by other methods.

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