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    Electric furnace technical information

    In the use of induction melting furnace, reactor failure is more difficult to judge and deal with. In general, the faults that are easy to occur in reactors mainly include the following:

    1. The inductance of the reactor is changed, and the air gap and the number of turns of the induction melting furnace reactor are adjusted at will, which affects the filtering work of the reactor, and can cause the output DC current to be intermittent, resulting in unstable operation of the inverter bridge. Change, fail to burn the inverter thyristor and adjust the air gap of the small reactor and reduce the number of coil turns. When the inverter bridge is short-circuited, the ability of the reactor to block the rise of the current is reduced. Burning the thyristor to change the inductance of the reactor at will also affect the starting performance of the device;

    2. The induction melting furnace reactor coil is loose. If the coil of the reactor is loose, when the electromagnetic force causes the coil jitter coil to vibrate when the equipment is working, the sudden change of the inductance is easy to cause the inverter failure when the light load starts and the small current runs;

    3. Inductive melting furnace reactor coil insulation is not good. Short circuit to ground or short circuit between turns, sparking discharge causes the inductance of the reactor, sudden jump and strong electromagnetic interference make the induction melting furnace work unstable and produce abnormal sounds frequently. Overcurrent burns the thyristor and causes the insulation of the coil insulation layer to be short. There is: the cooling is not good, the temperature is too high, the insulation layer is deteriorated and the ignition is carbonized; the reactor coil is loose, between the coil insulation layer and the coil insulation layer, between the coil insulation layer and the iron core, the relative movement friction causes the insulation layer to be damaged; When the scale of the reactor coil is treated, the acid solution is infiltrated into the coil, and the acid solution corrodes the copper tube and forms a copper salt to destroy the insulating layer.


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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan