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    Electric furnace technical information

    Induction melting furnace with medium power supply below 1000KW generally adopts three-phase five-wire 380V, 50HZ industrial power, and is equipped with 6-pulse single-rectifier intermediate frequency power supply; that is, ordinary power transformer can be used. For medium-frequency power supplies above 1000KWY, the focus is on using 660V or more incoming line voltage (some manufacturers use 575V or 750V, because 575VZ or 750V is a non-standard voltage level, accessories are not good to buy, it is recommended not to use) 12-pulse double The rectified intermediate frequency power supply is a 12-pulse transformer.

    There are two choices for the induction melting furnace inlet voltage.

    A, is to increase the rated working voltage by increasing the incoming line voltage;

    B, the harmonic generated by high power will interfere with the power grid. The double rectifier can obtain a relatively straight DC current. The load current is a rectangular wave, and the load voltage is close to a sine wave, which reduces the impact of grid interference on other equipment.

    Can't blindly pursue high voltage

    Some users blindly pursue high voltage (some 1000KW use 900V line voltage), and achieve energy saving since low current. I don't know if this is at the cost of the life of the electric furnace. It is not worth the loss, high voltage is easy to shorten the life of electrical components. , copper platoon, cable fatigue, so that the life of the electric furnace is greatly reduced. In addition, for high-voltage electric furnace manufacturers, the raw materials are reduced in terms of materials, and the cost is saved. Induction melting furnace manufacturers are certainly willing to do so (high-priced low-cost.) The ultimate loss is still the use of casting manufacturers.c

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