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    Steel melting induction furnaces are leaking furnaces and furnaces in common accidents. If an accident occurs, no measures will be taken, which will cause the coil copper tube to rupture. The molten iron will contact with the cooling water to cause an explosion, which will cause a major equipment accident and personal injury. Therefore, the reasons for the accident, the preventive measures, and the emergency measures should be taken after the accident.

    Causes of leakage and furnace accidents:

    1) The cooling time of the molten iron is too long and the cover is closed, and the heat is expanded again. The squeezing of the furnace lining causes cracks in the lining, and the molten iron passes through the crack during the melting process, causing the furnace to be blown or sprayed from the knot, causing the furnace accident.

    2) As the age of the furnace increases, the volume of the lining becomes larger, the amount of molten iron in the furnace increases, the lining of the furnace is thinner, and the local pressure cannot be withstood, causing the furnace to be worn.

    3) When the lining is knotted, the local requirements are not met or the impurities are partially introduced and are not found, so that the smelting is carried out from the above defects.

    4) The furnace lining is quenched to produce cracks, which are pierced from the crack during the smelting process.


    1) From the beginning of the furnace construction, special personnel should be strictly managed to ensure that each furnace lining is consistent. No debris is allowed to fall into the lining during knotting.

    2) Before each feeding, observe whether there is crack in the lining. Perforation may cause the phenomenon of wearing the furnace. If there is any problem, it must be treated.

    3) In the smelting process, due to equipment failure or other factors, it is impossible to open the furnace for a long time. The molten iron should be turned out of the furnace to prevent the cover.

    Emergency plans:

    1) If it is found that there are signs of wearing or leaking, the leakage point is high, the power should be cut off immediately, the cooling water should not be shut down, and the boiler should be discharged urgently. Check the position of the furnace after the molten iron is finished.

    2) If the signs of wearing the furnace are obvious, the leakage is large, and the equipment can cause serious damage, the equipment loss should be reduced to a minimum. The power should be turned off immediately, the molten iron should be turned into the pit, and covered with dry sand to prevent roasting. Furnace body.

    3) In the event of emergency or leaking accidents, the personal safety should be protected first. Secondly, the safety of the equipment should be protected. The furnace body mainly protects the induction coil. Therefore, it is forbidden to shut down the cooling water and finally protect other parts and try to reduce the loss to Minimal.

    4), wearing or leaking accidents or signs of wearing or leaking, if the power supply does not stop, the power should be cut off to protect the thyristor inverter tube and rectifier.

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