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    Electric furnace technical information

    The quality of the induction furnace of the intermediate frequency induction furnace seriously affects the service life of the electric furnace. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the furnace, all the personnel involved in the furnace construction must be strictly implemented in accordance with the operating system.


    1 All building personnel are not allowed to carry anything other than building tools, including no smoking. It is strictly forbidden to drop any debris into the furnace during the process of building the medium frequency induction furnace.


    2 Select the appropriate iron shovel and carefully remove the rust to prevent the iron oxide from being isolated from the lining material.


    3 Carefully and carefully lay the asbestos cloth, be sure to keep the asbestos cloth flat, so as not to affect the thickness of the lining. And properly connect the alarm line and alarm network to ensure the safe operation of the electric furnace.


    4 Carefully lay the bottom of the medium frequency induction furnace, the thickness of the bottom should be 260mm-290mm. The furnace material was poured into the bottom of the furnace twice. The first six bags (150 kg) were alternately compacted with three forks (about 15 minutes) and then poured into 12 bags (300 kg). Then use the furnace to vibrate for more than 20 minutes. After measuring the height of the bottom of the furnace, carefully put it into the concrete. (about 13.5mm)


    The medium frequency induction furnace is built in three bags (75KG) and poured into the outer side of the crucible. The three people alternately simmer for 5-10 minutes each time until it is full and parallel with the cylinder. Note that at least three layers at the bottom must be fully compacted because the lowest part of the furnace does not vibrate at all. Every three to five centimeters is a knotted surface during the vibration process, and each knotted surface vibrates for more than 5 minutes. Until it is shaken to about 30 centimeters. The lining should be finished once and resolutely put an end to the next day to prevent dust from entering the insulation lining material.

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