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    Electric furnace technical information

    1, choose a good medium block

    2. After starting, feed in batches to ensure that the power is in a large state for a long time.

    3. After the furnace lining is not over,

    4, add furnace cover

    5. Appropriately increase 2-3 capacitors

    The intermediate frequency power supply works in the form of "rectification-filtering-inverting". In order to maximize the frequency conversion efficiency of the whole machine, the reactive power absorbed by the grid side is the smallest, and it is desirable that the equipment works in a state of 80%-90% of rated voltage. At this time, since the rectifier bridge is nearly fully open, the natural power factor of the rectifier bridge is the highest. At the same time, the timing of the thyristor conduction is close to the natural commutation point, and the current when the thyristor is turned on is small, and the thyristor tube plays the largest role, which is beneficial to the service life of the thyristor. Since there is still room for 10-20% upwards, there is room for power regulation when the grid voltage is low. If the operating point is low, the conduction angle of the thyristor is small, and the device pulsates the power of the power grid, resulting in a lower natural power factor, which is disadvantageous to the power grid. The rectified thyristor operates in a pulsed state, which is also disadvantageous for the thyristor.

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