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    Electric furnace technical information
    1, regular
    (1) On-site personnel shall wear labor protection articles in strict accordance with the company's requirements, and use special filters when observing high temperature metals.
    (2) The furnace lining should be checked frequently at regular intervals to prevent ^depletion ̄. Check the furnace lining after cooling: The thickness of the lining (excluding the asbestos board) must be repaired when the burning loss is less than 65mm~80mm. If there is no abnormality, forcefully remove it around 250 furnaces. The feeding should be carefully and carefully avoided to avoid the ^cross-bridge ̄ and ^capping ̄ of the material. The ultra-high temperature of the metal under the "bridge, cover" will cause the lining corrosion to accelerate.
    (3) The charge should be dry, free of flammable materials, closed containers, and not excessive rust. The violent boiling of liquid or flammable materials in the charge can cause the molten metal to overflow or even explode.
     (4) There shall be no water in the pit before the furnace to prevent the molten iron from splashing and exploding after pouring.
    2. Intermediate frequency furnace feeding method
    (1) Regardless of the charge, the next melt should be slowly injected before the previous charge is melted. If the rust and sand-filled charge are used incorrectly, the block size and shape are poor, the charge is not tightly packed and the stretch is severe, or if the cold charge is too much, the ^bridge ̄ is likely to occur. The liquid level must be checked frequently. Once the bridge occurs, it should be disposed of immediately, and the ^bridge ̄ should be removed to avoid the ^bridge ̄ formation. Otherwise, the lower iron will overheat, causing erosion of the lower lining, or even leakage of iron or explosion.
    (2) Bridge treatment method: reduce the melting current to below 500A; use iron rod to smash and wear; if not treated, tilt the electric furnace properly, keep the low power melting until the molten iron breaks through the bridge or the capping layer;
    (3) After the furnace material is completely melted, the slag should be slag immediately to prevent the formation of a "slag cover". If it is formed into a "slag cover", it should be immediately powered off, and the "slag cover" should be broken and thrown out of the furnace, otherwise the lower iron will overheat, causing erosion of the lower furnace lining, or even leakage of molten iron or explosion.

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