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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    Reply to questions about 3T intermediate frequency melting furnace

    1. For three tons medium frequency melting furnace dimensions and the total amount:

    Transformer (profile: 2200x1150x1850; total: about 6.5T )

    High voltage switchgear (shape: 1000x1000x2200; total: about 1.5T )

    IF power cabinet (profile: 2600x1000x2200; total: about 2T )

    IF capacitor cabinet (profile: 2600x900x1300; total: about 1.5T )

    Furnace body (shape: 2880x2570x2100 without furnace cover ; total: about 8T )

    Pure water cooler (profile: 750x1500x1580; total: about 1T )

    Hydraulic station (profile: about 1200x1200x800; total: about 0.6T )

    2. The total capacity of low-voltage power 380V is 15KVA.

    3. The amount of cooling water is 66.5T/H , which is subject to the drawings.

    4. Confirmed drawings of 3 sheets.

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