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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    2T induction melting furnace configuration selection method

    Serial number





    Intermediate frequency power supply

    2T induction melting furnaceintermediate frequency power cabinet. (Including: power frequency power supply line knife isolation switch, air circuit breaker 1600A two sets; filter reactor two sets; double pulse rectification fast-melt protection; 12-pulse rectification system; inverter system; all-digital main control board; two furnace body Leakage furnace alarm system; low-voltage side power meter for melting power consumption metering device; indicating instrument and auxiliary device, etc.). 2. Compensation capacitor cabinet.


    Reactor copper tube size: 14*12*2

    Rectifier thyristor: KP800A/2000V.

    Inverter thyristor: KK2000A/1600V

    Total compensation capacitor capacity: 20000kvar

    Capacitor Model: RFM1.2-2000-0.5S


    Steel shell melting furnace body

    Furnace shell, fixing frame, furnace cover, induction coil, yoke, water distributor group, tilting furnace mechanism.

    2 sets


    Hydraulic power station

    Double motor double oil pump

    1 set


    Inclined table

    Independent control of each furnace body

    1 set


    Water cooled cable


    2 sets (8 pieces)






    Changing furnace

    Copper row switch



    Copper row

    Connection: 1, intermediate frequency power supply and capacitor cabinet; 2, slot road; 3, power frequency incoming copper bus.

    The power frequency incoming copper busbar is the upper incoming line mode.

    Power frequency copper row: 5*50mm

    IF copper row: 5*120mm

    Channel copper row: 5*200mm

    Copper row with cooling copper tube not less than 14*16 mm

    The power frequency, intermediate frequency, and copper busbars in the cabinet are processed by tin plating.


    Rectifier transformer

    (supporting facilities)

    ZPS-1500/10 six-phase output

    1 set


    Cooling water system

    (supporting facilities)

    Fully enclosed cooling tower

    1 set


    spare parts

    Main control board, rectification, inverter thyristor, fast-melting, RC absorption components.

    Main control board: 1 block; rectified thyristor: 1; inverter thyristor: 2; fast-melting: 2; RC absorption components: 2 sets.

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