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    Electric furnace technical parameters
        Operating points of the  induction melting  furnace
    First, check before starting:
    Check the water circuit and circuit before starting the intermediate frequency furnace. Make sure that all water pipes are clear and check the circuit for any abnormalities such as loose screws.
    Second, boot:
    Turn on the power of the IF power cabinet. Press the control power on, the control power indicator lights, close the main circuit switch, and then press the inverter to start, the DC voltmeter should display a negative voltage. Then slowly turn the power to the potentiometer, while observing the meter, the DC voltmeter indicates an increase.
    1. When the DC voltage crosses zero, the three frequencies of the intermediate frequency voltage, the DC voltage, and the active power increase simultaneously, and the middle frequency sound indicates that the startup is successful. The active positioner can be rotated to the required power.
    2. When the DC voltage crosses zero, the IF voltage, DC current, and active power are increased and the normal IF sound is not heard. The start is unsuccessful. The potentiometer should be turned to the minimum and restarted.
    Third, reset:
    If overcurrent or overvoltage occurs during the operation of the equipment, the fault indicator on the door panel lights up. The potentiometer should be turned to the minimum, press the ^inverter stop ̄ fault indicator light, then press ^inverter start ̄ and then restart.
    Fourth, shut down:
    Turn the potentiometer to the minimum, press ^Inverter Stop ̄ and then separate the main circuit switch, then press ^Control Power Off ̄. If the equipment is no longer used, the power of the IF power cabinet should be cut off.
    5. During the operation of the equipment, it should be checked whether the water is unblocked. If the water is too small or the water is cut off, it should be shut down immediately, and then restarted after the fault is eliminated.
    6. Check the copper bar connection screw in the intermediate frequency cabinet and the capacitor rack regularly after the shutdown, if it is loose, it should be tightened.

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan