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    Electric furnace technical parameters
        Common problems and solutions for induction melting furnaces during production
    1. Is there a crack between the furnace lining and the discharge port: if the crack is not less than 2mm, if it is not a deep crack, and there is no metal embedded in it, no repair is required. Otherwise, it must be repaired.
    2. There are large transverse cracks and longitudinal cracks in the furnace. The phenomenon of drilling aluminum: If there is a crack, it should be filled with the lining sealing material and then continue to be used.
    3. The cooling waterway is unblocked, the flow and water pressure are normal (0.1-0.2mpa), and there is no water leakage or bagging at the joint of the cooling water: if the cooling water circuit is blocked, the cooling water pipe should be replaced. If the cooling water pressure is less than the water pressure required to turn on the electric furnace, check whether the electric furnace and capacitor inlet and outlet valves in the basement are fully opened. The cooling sluice of the electric furnace that is not used is turned off. If it is found that there is a leak in the cooling water pipe joint or the bag is to be shackled or replaced.
    4. The cooling water in the cooling water tank is not sufficient. The air cooling system of the water tank is abnormally operated. After the alarm signal appears, water should be injected into the water tank in time to ensure sufficient circulating cooling water in the water tank. The water level alarm can be used after the alarm is released.
    5, should regularly check whether the emergency pump can be used normally, and the fuel is sufficient: if the emergency pump can not be used normally, it should be timely return, and explain to contact the relevant personnel to repair.
    6. If the effluent water temperature during the smelting process should be higher than 55 <C: Check whether the water source in the cooling water tank is sufficient, whether the external water cooling system is working normally, and whether the air cooling system is working normally. If there is any problem, report it immediately, stop using the medium frequency electric furnace to continue melting, turn off the electric furnace, and timely transfer out the aluminum alloy that has not been melted or melted. When the furnace temperature returns to normal (usually the furnace temperature tends to be normal for two and a half hours), contact the relevant personnel to check the fault and repair it.
    7. There are foreign objects on the surface of the induction coil. Loose bolts: Remove foreign objects or metal cutting on the surface of the induction coil after power off. If the bolts are loose, tighten them and check if the remaining bolts are loose. Only after confirmation is correct can the furnace be smelted.
    8. The joint of the rubber tube is broken or leaking: replace the broken rubber tube. If the water leaks, tighten the leaking area and confirm that it is correct before starting the melting.
    9. Whether the water-cooled cable leaks and contacts the bottom of the furnace: the cooling cable leaks: If the cable breaks, replace the water cable. If it leaks, reinforce the leak. The cable is in contact with the bottom of the furnace, and an insulated and heat-resistant board is required to block it.
    10. The components are burnt, and the wiring connection is slack or damaged: notify the electrician to check and repair in time, and then open the furnace for smelting.
    11. The inside of the electric box is wet and the fan is running abnormally. Check whether the cooling water pipe of the electric box leaks after the power is cut off. If there is water leakage, replace the water pipe or tighten the water pipe joint. If the fan is running abnormally, notify the electrician to repair it. After the fault is removed, confirm that the box is dry before turning on the power.
    12, the instrument indicates abnormality: replace the instrument, determine that there are no other faults, you can open the furnace production.
    13. The capacitor cabinet leaks or leaks oil, and the porcelain bottle is abnormal: notify the professional to repair it.
    14. Hydraulic line leakage (hydraulic station, console), oil pressure abnormality: Close the oil pump and tighten the corresponding pipeline bolts at the oil leakage. If there is oil leakage after opening the oil pump, replace the appropriate sealing ring. Then tighten the bolts of the corresponding pipeline. If the hydraulic pipe is welded to the wall of the latter, the oil is repaired by welding.
    15. The furnace material is mixed with inflammable and explosive materials, or the furnace material is wet: after the inflammable and explosive materials are cleaned, they are put into the furnace. If the furnace material is wet, it should be dried and put into the furnace. Or replace the dry charge.
    16. The transfer package is not preheated and the preheating is uneven and uniform. The preheating temperature is lower than 200 <C: confirm that the transfer package has been preheated and the preheating is uniform, not lower than 200 <C. It can be used for transport.
    1 After the fault occurs, it must be dealt with immediately. The problem is not solved. If the fault is not eliminated, the furnace cannot be smelted.
    2 After the fault occurs, it is necessary to cut off the power for investigation, and the relevant warning signs should be affixed, and the professional repairs should be performed. The speculators are not allowed to repair them. When inspecting or troubleshooting in the basement, paste the ^Repair prohibition warning sign ̄ on the power supply in the operation room of the intermediate frequency furnace.
    3 If the above problems occur during the production process, the solution should be written in the checkpoint table. If there is any situation other than the above, the problem should be reported to the superior leader in time.

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