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    Electric furnace technical information
        How to choose the frequency of medium frequency furnace and high frequency furnace?
    How to choose the frequency of the intermediate frequency furnace: medium frequency furnace (see if you use warm forging or smelting), the general working frequency is 1K-10K.20K--100K section is generally called super audio. 100K-500K is the high frequency band, and then it is super High frequency. The working frequency determines the different devices used. The intermediate frequency fission circuit generally uses thyristor, and the high frequency generally uses the MOS field effect transistor/electron tube with faster switching speed.
    Effect: Different frequency ranges have different adaptation range. The higher the frequency, the stronger the skin effect, the shallower the depth of the induced current flows into the workpiece. Therefore, the high frequency induction is widely used for surface quenching/welding. The frequency is low, and the transmission depth of the current is deep. Therefore, it is widely used for warm forging and smelting. However, some rare metal smelting still uses high frequency melting because of the low magnetic permeability.
    The intermediate frequency furnace and the high frequency furnace mainly process different types of originals.
    The oscillation frequency of the intermediate frequency furnace is generally 0.5-20KHZ.
    The oscillation frequency of the high frequency furnace is generally 20-80KHZ
    There are many types of industrial furnaces used in the mechanical industry. In the foundry, there are open furnaces, cupolas, crucibles, induction furnaces, electric resistance furnaces, electric arc furnaces, vacuum furnaces, etc.; in the forging workshop, there are various heating furnaces for pre-forging heating of steel ingots or billets and heat treatment for stress relief. In the heat treatment workshop, there are various intermediate frequency furnaces for annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering to improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece; in the welding workshop, there are steel plate heating furnaces and post-weld heat treatment furnaces before pressing; in the powder metallurgy workshop, sintering Metal heating furnace, etc.

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan