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    Electric furnace technical information

    What is the difference between an intermediate frequency furnace and a high frequency furnace?

    Induction furnaces can be divided into three types: power frequency electric furnace, medium frequency electric furnace and high frequency electric furnace according to the frequency of the alternating current used. The difference between the intermediate frequency furnace and the high frequency furnace is:

    1. The frequency of the alternating current used is different: the intermediate frequency furnace is a power supply device that converts the power frequency 50HZ alternating current into an intermediate frequency (300HZ or more to 10000HZ); the high frequency furnace usually has a current frequency of one hundred to five hundred kilohertz ;

    2. The higher the frequency, the lower the heat transfer capability;

    3. The effective hardening depth of the intermediate frequency furnace is 2 to 10 mm. The main application range is the parts requiring deep hardened layer; the effective hardening depth of the high frequency furnace is between 0.5 and 2 mm.

    4, you can use the intermediate frequency furnace to smelt five kilograms to sixty tons of various metals; high-frequency induction heating is suitable for melting one to five kilograms of precious metals.

    5. The medium frequency furnace has a large volume and mature technology; the high frequency furnace has small volume, fast operation and low price.

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