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    Electric furnace technical parameters
        Four ways to heat metal by electric energy
    There are usually four ways to heat metal with electricity:
            1. Heat in a resistance furnace. The metal is loaded into the furnace, and a current flows through the heating element to generate heat, and the temperature of the furnace is raised by radiation and convection to heat the metal.
            2. Contact method. The current flows directly through the metal through the contacts, causing the metal to heat up.
            3. Put the metal into the electrolyte of a certain chemical composition, and pass one pole of the DC power source into the electrolyte, and the other pole to the metal to be heated. In this case, the heat is contacted by the metal and the electrolyte. Precipitated on the boundary.
            4. Induction heating. Electromagnetic induction is used to excite current in the metal to heat the metal. In this case, there is no conductor connection between the induction coil and the heated metal, and a certain distance is required.

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