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    Electric furnace technical information
        The series-type intermediate frequency power supply is used as the power supply of the series intermediate frequency electric furnace and the one-to-two intermediate frequency furnace. The resonant circuit of the intermediate frequency power supply is a series resonance, and is a technology of the series inverter thyristor intermediate frequency power supply. The intermediate frequency power supply adopts a thyristor full control rectifier circuit. 12-pulse thyristor intermediate frequency power supply, excluding 5th and 7th harmonic components.
    The series IF power supply has the following features:
    1, excellent start-up characteristics
    2, convenient power distribution function
    3. Improve the power factor to ensure that the power factor is not less than 95% at any power.
    The serial type intermediate frequency power supply operates in the frequency range of 1-8KHZ, and the power output power is 100KW-10000KW. The incoming power supply is 380V, 575V, 660V, 950V, etc. 3-phase 6-phase (12 pulses), 50HZ.
    Rectifying section
    The voltage feedback is in series; the circuit adopts 12-pulse circuit rectification mode, the incoming line voltage is 950V, and the rectifying part of the thyristor adopts the latest stacked heat sink assembly.
    The RC absorption branch at both ends of the thyristor can act as a buffer current sudden change when the thyristor switch is used. Each thyristor heat sink has a pressure indicating device.
    Filter the network reactor to level the DC current, remove the current ripple, and prevent high-frequency signals from entering the factory power supply line. Filter capacitor. The filter capacitor is a water-cooled filter capacitor with an external discharge resistor, which can be discharged within 5 minutes after the power is turned off. The reactor is air-core, water-cooled, vacuum-cast with epoxy resin, solid-sealed, and protected by a temperature switch. When the temperature is too high, the power is turned off.
    Inverter part
    The one-two intermediate frequency smelting furnace inverter circuit has two sets of series resonant inverter bridges, and the output power can be randomly and arbitrarily distributed between two series resonant inverter bridges. The RC absorption circuit is connected in parallel at both ends of the thyristor, and acts as a buffer when the thyristor switch is used. One power supply with two furnaces work at the same time, the power is distributed arbitrarily, one smelting one heat preservation, when it is needed for uninterrupted smelting, heat preservation, temperature rise, quenching and tempering at an accurate temperature, and maximally increase the amount of steel output. Constant power output, power output is controlled by constant. During the melting process, when the load and temperature change, the load is always full power output, thus shortening the melting time. The two furnaces share a transformer, and in any case the transformer reaches full capacity operation, thereby reducing the capacity of the transformer. The starting characteristics are good, and it can be started freely under full load and heavy load conditions, and the starting success rate is 100%. Inverter capacitor group, two sets of series resonant capacitor compensation devices to meet the dual output, can simultaneously send power to the two furnaces. The power conversion function converts the power between the two furnaces by rotating the power conversion potentiometer on the panel. A furnace body is melted to melt the other furnace body. It can also be smelted in a furnace. The other furnace was shut down.

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