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    Electric furnace technical information

    Parallel KGPS intermediate frequency power supply (thyristor intermediate frequency power supply and thyristor intermediate frequency power supply) is used as the power supply for the parallel intermediate frequency furnace.

    Parallel KGPS IF power supply technical specifications:

    1. Equipment rated input: three-phase alternating current, frequency is 50 Hz (60 Hz), line voltage is 380 volts (high-voltage equipment has 660V, 750V, 950V, 1050V, 1250V, 1450V, etc.)

    2. Rated output of equipment: Under the rated voltage or rated load, the output power can be smoothly and continuously adjusted, and the adjustment range is 5% - 100% of the rated power;

    3. It can prevent overvoltage during switching operation (such as QF opening and closing, RS blowing, etc.);

    4. When the output voltage exceeds 1.1-1.2 times of the maximum output voltage or exceeds the voltage setting value, the over-voltage protection system operates to cause the device to automatically stop working and issue an alarm signal - illuminate the instrument box over-voltage indicator;

    5. When the inverter bridge is short-circuited, the protection system acts immediately, causing the device to automatically stop, and sends an over-current indication signal!lighting the instrument box over-current indicator;

    6. If the output current exceeds the set value, the protection system also automatically stops the device and sends an over-current indication signal!lighting the instrument box over-current indicator;

    7. When the working pressure of the water cooling system is lower than a certain value, the machine can automatically stop and light the water pressure indicator on the panel;

    8. This machine is equipped with a current limiting and voltage limiting link to limit the input current and output voltage within the set value.

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