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    Electric furnace technical information
        induction melting electric furnace workshop supporting design

    Simply purchasing a good medium frequency electric furnace, while ignoring the scientific process layout and the wrong method of adding ingredients, will directly lead to time-consuming, energy-consuming, inefficient and unsafe in future use.

    1. Induction melting furnace feeding method
    The feeding methods of the electric furnace mainly include: feeding of the feeding car, feeding of the bottom open type drum and direct feeding of the electric disk. The feeding car feeds the electric disk with the furnace material loading and loading car, and the feeding car moves to the electric furnace mouth to vibrate the feeding, which can achieve uniform feeding, instant feeding and automatic operation; the bottom open type material bucket is to be equipped with good charging material. After being placed in the bucket, the crane lifts the bucket to the furnace mouth, the hook is lowered, the fan-shaped door at the bottom of the bucket is opened, and the furnace material falls into the electric furnace; the electric disk is fed directly, and after the electric disk is used, the charge is directly It is easy to operate but low in efficiency. If the feeding car feeding and electromagnetic suction cup dosing method are selected, the daily consumption of the charging material is easily arranged in the rear area of the furnace, the electric control room is arranged in the front of the furnace, and the electric furnace transformer is arranged under the electric furnace platform or on the side, so as to avoid the electromagnetic suction cup crossing during the batching. Electric furnace platform working area, even if the iron material falls
    Falling will not cause personal and equipment safety accidents, and the cranes have the shortest running distance.
    The choice of feeding method is mainly based on the degree of automation of the factory, production site, production scale and investment scale. The feeding car has the highest level of automation, but the investment is large and the floor space is large. The bottom opening type bucket feeding and electric disk direct feeding are relatively low, and the electric disk direct feeding work has the lowest efficiency.
    2. Induction melting furnace alloy accessories
    The addition of alloy excipients is usually manually added to the electric furnace after manual weighing or weighbridge weighing. However, when the electric furnace in the workshop is more alloyed, the mechanized automatic batching conveying system will be designed, which not only reduces manpower but also the precision of the ingredients. high. The system is mainly composed of hopper, vibrating feeder, weighing hopper and conveying system. The auxiliary material is white and added to the bottom open barrel. 3. The design of the induction melting furnace dedusting system
        The effective collection of helium generated during the electric furnace smelting process seriously affects the working environment of the workshop. Therefore, it is necessary to design a suitable dust removal system according to the characteristics of each project. The electric furnace helium gas trapping device mainly has a ring suction cover and a front and back tilting dust cover. The annular dust cover is placed around the furnace mouth, the structure is simple, the space is small, and the investment is small, but the collection effect of the helium gas is poor, and the flue gas cannot be collected at the top of the furnace mouth, and the utility model is mainly suitable for the material with less oil pollution and relatively clean, and the feeding method for the electric furnace. It has wide applicability. The front and back tilting dust cover is placed on the top of the furnace mouth. It can be tilted forward and backward with the electric furnace, and the feeding car can control the tilting angle. Whether it is feeding, tapping or melting, the dust removal efficiency is high, but the hopper is used for feeding. Cannot use this when feeding directly to an electric disk
    The dust hood is only suitable for feeding with a feeding car.
    4. Design of safety protection for induction melting furnace
        In addition to the above-mentioned feeding system and dust removal system, in order to ensure reliable and safe operation of the electric furnace, it is far from enough to rely solely on the safety protection of the equipment itself. Preventing the water in the furnace from stopping water or power failure, the furnace body can not be effectively cooled and causing personal and equipment safety accidents. In the design of the workshop, multiple safety measures must be considered, such as designing high water tanks and supporting diesel generator sets.
        The height of the high water tank should not be lower than 20 m. The capacity is not less than 2 hours of continuous water supply to the electric furnace. When the power is cut off, the diesel generator set can be put into use normally, and the water in the water tank can enter the furnace cooling system by gravity to cool the furnace body. For safety reasons, the high water tank should be
    For electric furnaces, they must not be shared with other facilities. The function of the diesel generator set is to provide power to the electric water cooling system during the sudden power failure, so that the furnace body can be cooled; the electric power system of the electric furnace can be powered, so that the molten iron can be poured out from the furnace body. In the engineering design, in addition to the use of the electric furnace, the diesel generator set must also consider the balance for the crane, pouring machine, etc. for lifting the molten iron.
        As an important melting equipment in the foundry, when selecting the electric furnace, it should be combined with the investment scale, process level and management level of the foundry to make a comprehensive assessment of the safety, economy, advancement and environmental adaptability of the electric furnace. Smelting equipment. main
    From the perspective of factory design, the selection of electric furnace production capacity, the design of supporting facilities and the safety of electric furnace are briefly discussed, which provides reference for optimizing the selection of electric furnace and supporting equipment and perfecting the complete set of melting system.

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