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    Electric furnace technical parameters
        The reason why the intermediate frequency furnace can not be started and the detection method
    The most common failure phenomenon of the intermediate frequency furnace during use is that it cannot be started normally. The following are some common reasons and detection methods that cannot be started:
    1. Thyristor breakdown, measured by a multimeter, the resistance is almost zero.
    2. The water-cooled cable is broken. It can be stripped with two wires and connected to both ends of the cable. If it can be started, it indicates that the cable is broken. Note that the power should not be pulled high to avoid unnecessary danger caused by high-current burning of the wires.
    3. The intermediate frequency transformer burns out and measures the 1000V resistance, which should be around 70Ω.
    4. The intermediate frequency output is sintered, because the IF output line is too small, the power has been lost.
    5. The harmonic current resistance of the current transformer is burned out.
    6. There is a problem with the inverter pulse transformer.
    7. The electric heating capacitor is burned out. Remove the copper busbar and check with a 1000V insulation resistance meter or use a multimeter to check the charge and discharge.
    8. The melting furnace is put into the furnace, and the resistance of the molten steel and the induction coil is measured with a multimeter.
    9. The intermediate frequency control board has parts breakdown aging and replaces the board.

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