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    Electric furnace technical parameters

    A good method for full power production of intermediate frequency furnace

    The thyristor intermediate frequency furnace is a special equipment for melting steel, iron and non-ferrous metals. How to achieve low power consumption and high efficiency full power production is a common concern of every melting worker. Is it possible to achieve full power production as long as the medium frequency furnace electrical equipment is in good condition? No, because the voltage of the power supply line will fluctuate, the furnace will be deformed during use, and the amount of charge added to each batch will be different. All these factors will directly affect the power of the furnace. Therefore, in order to achieve full power production, under the premise of guaranteeing the voltage of the power supply line, it is necessary to operate correctly. Now, according to the experience, talk about the operation method of realizing the full power production of the intermediate frequency furnace for reference.

        KGPS-100-1 type thyristor intermediate frequency furnace electrical line, according to the design and installation and debugging requirements, when the intermediate frequency voltage reaches 700V, it will stop working due to overvoltage protection. When the intermediate frequency current reaches 250A, it will also be protected by overcurrent. And stop working. When the intermediate frequency voltage and the intermediate frequency current are slightly lower than the rated value, the melting power can reach the maximum value -100kVA. Therefore, in order to obtain the maximum power without interrupting the line operation, the intermediate frequency voltage is usually controlled at 680 to 690 V, and the intermediate frequency current is controlled at 230 to 200 A, and satisfactory results can be obtained. When the intermediate frequency voltage and the intermediate frequency current are lower than the above values, The melting rate will decrease, the melting time will be prolonged, and the benefits will be reduced accordingly. Therefore, only when the intermediate frequency voltage and the intermediate frequency current are simultaneously adjusted to near the rated value, the high efficiency of full power production can be obtained.

        This phenomenon often occurs. When the IF voltage is close to 700V, the IF current is far from 20OA, or the IF current is close to 250A, and the IF voltage is far from 700V. These two phenomena will directly affect the power of the IF furnace and extend it. The melting time, for example, the initial use of the new furnace lining, the furnace is small, when the added charge is insufficient, the phenomenon of high intermediate frequency voltage and low intermediate frequency current is caused. At this time, the charge should be added so that the intermediate frequency current is close to the rated value, so that the power rises to the maximum value. When the furnace lining is used in the later stage, due to the expansion of the furnace, it is easy to cause a high intermediate frequency current and a low intermediate frequency voltage. At this time, the operation requirement is that the furnace should be added less each time, and the rotary power knob should make the intermediate frequency voltage close to the rated value as much as possible, and the frequency current will be limited to 250A or less due to the small amount of material. At this time, the power of the furnace can also be To reach the maximum value, according to the above analysis, the operation method of the full-power production of the intermediate frequency electric furnace is: the furnace is filled with sufficient material, the furnace is large, the feeding is small, the frequency is diligent,

        The roots move our operation practice. When the feeding method is operated as described above, the time taken for each 150kg of melting can be controlled between 70-90min. It can be seen that the correct operation method can melt one or two more pots of water per shift. The economic benefits are obvious,

        The above summary is that, under the premise of the incoming line voltage guarantee, when the components of the intermediate frequency power supply equipment are also the same as normal, the angle of the load current is higher than the load voltage, and the power adjustment and the feeding are closely matched, which can create high efficiency.

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