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    Electric furnace technical parameters

    Main points of smelting and pouring operation of intermediate frequency furnace


    Key points

    Preparation before pouring

    1. Understand the mold situation: quantity, distribution, material, and demand for molten iron.Check the lock box condition.

    2. Prepare the ladle, slag, slag slag tool, check whether the ladle tilting mechanism and the lifting device are flexible and reliable.

    3, do a good job of pouring safety protection


    1. Strict control of pouring temperature and pouring speed

    2, do a good job of slag and slag work

    3. The flow of molten iron should be uniform during pouring, and it should not cause splashing or vortexing of molten iron. The external pouring buckle should be kept full of molten iron and cannot be cut off.

    4. Do a good job of ventilating, and ignite the gas escaping from the vent, riser, core, etc. in time.

    5. After the molten iron is filled in the cavity, the riser is filled with high-temperature molten iron, and the straw ash is covered.

    After pouring

    1. When the retaining casting has a certain strength, loosen the box and remove the pressure iron in time to make the casting shrink freely.

    2. Organize tools and venues


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