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        How to judge the quality of induction melting  electric furnace when choosing induction melting  electric furnace
    The quality of the induction melting  electric furnace is judged. 1. Inductive test: Turn on the IF power start button, wait for one minute, then stick the middle of the IF induction heating device to the bottom of the chassis. Feel it, if the hand feels a certain local impact, this shows the intermediate frequency. The power performance is not good. If the impact force is mild and uniform, this means that the machine frequency is more accurate and the equipment performance can be.

    The quality of the intermediate frequency electric furnace is judged. Second, the sound test: After the equipment is started, the equipment is listened to for a few minutes. If the slight noise of ^sisi ̄ is issued, the frequency of the equipment is not accurate enough. Conversely, if the device sounds clean and no noise, the device performance can be stable.

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