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    Industrial electric furnace technical information
        Induction melting furnace cooling tower winter antifreeze measures
    How to prevent frost in the cooling tower of the induction melting furnace in winter? In the absence of heat load in the closed tower, the circulating water and spray water in the pipeline will freeze due to the low ambient temperature, thus causing the heat transfer and the sprinkler system to expand and be damaged. Work, affecting the normal operation of production. When users in the north use closed towers in winter, they must adopt practical measures to ensure the normal operation of the closed tower. Generally take the following approach:
    1. Add antifreeze first. According to the ambient temperature of the place of use, according to the performance parameters of antifreeze, prepare antifreeze suitable for local meteorological characteristics. Ethylene glycol or propylene glycol is generally added to the circulating water. 
    Note: Ethylene glycol is a colorless and slightly viscous liquid with a boiling point of 197.4 < C and a freezing point of -11.5 < C. It can be mixed with water at any ratio. After mixing, the freezing point was significantly lowered by changing the vapor pressure of the cooling water. However, the glycol antifreeze is easy to generate an acidic substance during use, and has a corrosive effect on the metal, and an appropriate amount of disodium hydrogen phosphate is added to prevent corrosion. In addition, at low temperatures, the viscosity of ethylene glycol is high, the resistance is increased, and the flow rate of the corresponding medium is reduced.
    2, running the winter antifreeze mode by our company for the winter special settings. For the production task is full, basically uninterrupted production, but there is a short production interval, you can switch to the winter antifreeze mode, set the interval time and running time, the device can automatically run according to the set program. But need to pay attention: 1 working time can not be too long; 2 to ensure that the power supply is normal; 3 to ensure sufficient amount of circulating medium in the system.
    ℃The equipment is installed in a well-ventilated, clean indoor or rainproof shed, on a level and firm foundation;
    ℃ Avoid places where acid gas, explosive dust, severe soot, and excessive water vapor exist;
    ℃Ensure sufficient space around, the space in the upper exhaust direction should not be less than 1.5m, and the side air inlet direction should have 1m space;
    ℃ Prevent the air discharged from the cooling tower from being re-inhaled into the tower to prevent heat flow from recharging;
    ℃ Placed in the well-type wall, should be alert to the hot and cold air return to cause heat failure, special circumstances can consider the air intake device;
    ℃When the indoor ventilation conditions are not good, it is recommended to add an air duct to take out the hot air discharged from the unit.
    £ trial run
    ℃ Confirm that the direction of rotation of the circulating water pump, spray water pump and fan motor is consistent with the marking;
    ℃Connect the pipeline system;
    ℃ Clean the water collection tank first, then refill the water to prevent the debris from being clogged. After the water is full, the float valve will automatically close;
    ℃ Turn on the power, pick up from the ground when wiring;
    ℃ Test the machine according to the product manual.

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